December 1st, 2020 Livestream Special Guest: Tim (Part 2)

December 1st, 2020 Livestream

Special Guest: Tim (Part 2)

00:00 Lightning Round
00:33 Q&A: Dogs or cats?
00:38 Q&A: Morning, noon, or night?
00:44 Q&A: Old School Runescape, or Runescape 3?
00:50 Q&A: Factorio, or Satisfactory?
00:55 Q&A: Pineapple on pizza?
01:29 Q&A: Snutt or Jace?
01:48 Q&A: What kind of hardware do you use?
02:09 Q&A: Actually have a life, or play videogames alone in the office at 11pm?
02:31 Q&A: Nut or Mug?
02:55 Q&A: Top or bottom?
03:44 Q&A: Tim, do you wear socks in bed?
04:23 Q&A: Cyber Wagon, or Golf Cart?
04:50 Q&A: Mercer Sphere, or Somersloop?
05:06 Q&A: Fold, or crumple your toilet paper?
05:52 Q&A: Hog or Spitter?
05:58 Q&A: Arachnophobia Mode, yes or no?
06:20 Q&A: Is Tim going bye-bye?
06:30 Q&A: Grid or spaghetti?
06:42 Q&A: Coffee or tea?
06:46 Q&A: Is hotdog a sandwich?
06:55 Q&A: Is water wet?
07:14 Q&A: Taco or kebab pizza?
08:39 Q&A: Milk or cereal first?
10:53 Q&A: M&Ms or Skittles?
11:30 Q&A: Motion blur or no motion blur?
12:12 Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh?
12:46 Filler content
13:34 Q&A: Steam or Epic, for personal use?
14:40 Swedish question
15:18 Thanks Tim, helps a lot.

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want to do a lightning round yeah so, the light yes yeah so let's do the lightning rounds so we got a lightning round for tim, lightning questioned round all right so this is you know some people have asked I think one or two of these questions already in the chat and I've not answered it because it was already on this lightning round okay so I've got 10 questions for you tim all right and you have to answer as quickly as you can and they're just yes or no's or one or the others or something like that okay easy all right are you ready all right so question one dogs or cats cats morning noon or night excuse me morning noon or night night old school runescape or runescape 3 don't care factory or satisfactory satisfactory wow liar pineapple and pizza yes or no oh the pineapple with curry and peanuts that's the most swedish you get like banana on there as well oh yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah show again get out I can hear you actually what the hell yeah I can hear shogun laughing in the background actually broken human being on our stream right yeah sorry tim we can't have you take him back what the hell all right snoot or jace oh don't make me pick your favorite parent of course not oh yeah light lightning round dudes I play the fist no oh my god you couldn't even do it for the memes we all almost got them all right okay so what kind of hardware do you use computer how do you think that's still funny man shut up nobody nobody thinks that's funny I think it's funny no it's not funny, all right okay so here's another one okay so actually have a life or play video games alone at the office at 11 pm sorry what was that a question yeah so either actually have a life or play video games alone at the office at 11 pm that's not a life that's not, I think that's all we need to know about that one yep answered, nut or mug oh oh oh I think I'm, not kind of guy yeah I'm not guy he prefers me I think I think this this answers the snooter jace question that's true and I wonder how telling I wonder how how how much this that question ties into this next one top or bottom power button did he read the script no that was actually his answer amazing, see- I always would have thought that the the like mugs would be the bottom right like it's the so I guess I guess nut and mug and top and bottom don't really work I don't fit in one of your boxes this is, actual evidence let's stop the pillow box well that was that was, jason's lightning round with tim battilak everybody oh my god it's so good I need a soundtrack yeah I guess jace is a mug [ __ ] experience tim do you wear socks in bed, what do you mean like while sleeping I think so I mean yeah I guess I guess so yeah because there's, I have a in between thing it goes in stages where


the feeling of taking off your socks that's me like turning in that's me going afk okay oh so you do like you have sucks on and then you're like I'm gonna go sleep now when you're in bed and you turn okay yeah okay interesting cyber wagon or golf cart oh oh that's a good one oh yeah I don't know I think the, the golf cart is more useful you think so yeah I think so have you have you not seen the cyber wagon climb like [ __ ] the clips and [ __ ] you don't need a jet pack anymore with the cyber wagon no I haven't since mercy's fear or service sleep versus fair this fear all right yeah because of the whole, story with, hannah and mercer oh that's awesome that was nice fold or crumple your toilet paper folder or scruncher what the [ __ ] crumples like before you know after what you're wiping the squishy


that would be so dumb he turns it into a bag okay so tim's a folder all right cool right,


go out chat you're you're drunk that was a shitty question, spinner oh yeah I like maybe some hogs yeah yep, arachnophobia mode or yes or no on or off, no I never have it on never have it on oh you're missing out dude, there's nothing let's be going afk probably the best way I've heard going to sleep that's true


if someone's asking if tim is going bye-bye he is it's his, we're sending the, goons over this place later tonight take out his kneecaps grid or spaghetti oh I'm a spaghett man spaghett yeah it's, coffee or tea I think you've already answered this one yeah coffee yeah is hot dog a sandwich why wouldn't it be a sandwich yeah kind of makes sense yeah is water wet I guess is the next one after that, yeah I don't know I'm not a physicist is that physicist to decide that- I guess so, or a philosopher I don't know it's it or someone's written taco or pizza but I'm going to make this even more swedish taco kebab pizza oh putting in one that's right by the way tacos and kebab pizza are swedish foods by the way all right I don't I don't want any mexican people coming to me saying no it's mine I don't want folks who where kebabs are from yeah I think the mystery food information part of that as well is like the tacos in sweden are not tacos like that's that's the they are they're tacos they're the mexicans copied sweden someone here saying no you mean scandinavia no I mean swedish norwegians in danish copied sweden as well it's swedish food yeah tim yeah, right I think about pizza I'm from like the malmo region oh yeah dudes they eat so much kebab in malmo I had the falafel there was really nice it's so cheap in mama too like wasn't there a thing where like the not the government but like the municipality had to be like no you cannot sp like you have to pay at least this much for kebab in in in the city I don't know am I making that up I feel like I've heard that somewhere someone told me that like because the prices for kebabs and mama were so [ __ ] cheap for a while and like they kept just reducing it all the time like gaming enjoy your runescaping yeah milk or cereal first that's a good one oh yeah, definitely cereal first oh thank god you're not psychopathic I change it up depending on if I have it warm or cold yeah and I mean if if it's coco puffs I probably do a little wait wait wait wait hold the phone here what do you mean warm I was wondering if you were gonna say this because- I some people are like weird out by this no yeah you warm the milk up I've never thought of this before yeah it's it's like super like cozy and tasty and it's like warm it's really good no you guys like ew right okay and then you're sitting there with your [ __ ] hot chocolate you're like hot milk yeah I was gonna say like I'm not like from from, when I hear about it it sounds weird but I won't shame it until I've tried it it's it's super good cause some things are really good like I remember first time I had chips on a sandwich yeah like that sounds disgusting right but when I tried it I'm like wait so yeah whoa whoa someone says I've never tried cold milk with cereal that's that's impressive oh she never had cold syrup that's interesting that's bunkers yeah but if you're gonna have more milk you've got to like warm the milk first then you add the cereal after right because you don't want to like microwave your but puffs yeah that's true because you can't really like, measure the milk by putting the cereal in first and then be like I'm gonna remove the milk now yeah yeah warm milk okay warm milk with cereal not good apparently yeah okay that's good try it try it you guys try it but it makes sense when you're making like cocoa puffs yeah like tim's yeah see see now I can so so squirrely mcgee here very nice username, I think this is where the the disgust come from so they they said straight from the milkers yeah so like warm milk is like that's like you're you're on the cow right he's just on the couch but no it's it's not it's good you guys try it definitely try it yeah I'm gonna try that, yeah people people anyone here thinking warm milk is weird you've you've been drinking warm milk before don't act yeah eminem or skittles tim oh eminem a skittles was probably before I turned 20 and then I went into the m m's mm-hmm yeah that's true that's true who's his the artist the artist ah I could never get into m m's actually yeah if you were breastfed then you had warm milk yes oh [ __ ] what about cereal though yeah motion blur or no motion blur this is this is interesting in games I assume yeah oh depends on the game really, yeah I like, I actually have no problem when it's a more like cinematic game like like what's almost basically a movie like if it's on like uncharted or something like that but in satisfactory I or like games where I turn a lot I like to keep it crisp yeah keep it crisp, so pokemon and yugioh will take that one whoa, I never understood yugioh it's only the weird kids who did that oh wait you said I thought you said digimon digimon oh what are what about digimon then yeah that's also freaks what is going to be here in the chat I'm I'm waiting for ooz he's going to be in the chat here I'll give him five seconds five four three what you got check it out there it is right there yeah there we go he's a connoisseur nothing yeah, okay well so we're supposed to be releasing something in five minutes which is, so so this is filler content this was just filler shut up yeah that's the point where no no [ __ ] don't don't cur the veil yeah big engine or little issue that's a pretty yeah, I didn't I don't even remember which one is which actually yeah, so yeah, what are we doing oh [ __ ] yeah wow people are so official with their coffee stain burke or coffee stain natalie like you guys are so much more professional than we are I think they just don't want people stalking their actual twitch habits I mean that makes sense I guess I've, I kind of regret my my steam won't do that steam or epic for personal use was that question to me yeah yeah steam or epic yeah damn he's one of you chat it's one of you- I take I take epic every chance that I can, because it doesn't make a difference to me but it makes but it makes a difference to the developer that I'm buying the game from I guess that makes sense I've had that's what I do but ultimately there's more on oh sorry yeah yeah no- I was interrupting you dude oh [ __ ] yeah I've had so many issues with steam the steam client I think every day I have like a rant with dylan about how like I can't see him be online and we can't sing senator messages and stuff I just I have super bad luck with with that client it just never works for me, it's it's been fine for me yeah, okay so what are you supposed to do should we get rid of tim first or do you want to I don't know I don't know what we should do here yeah me neither wait am I controlling the string [ __ ] okay, all right here's one one more question this is a very swedish one and I'm gonna use the swedish words instead of the the question to tim what do you prefer oh have you tried sue strumming tim no I think he said john sauce festival right ah yeah that's I mean that's the actual that's actual food yeah that's actually food I was gonna say, for everyone else gets like I don't know how spells is streaming oh it's like s-u-r-s google that and eat it yeah get it google it and eat it yeah please keep the chat in english coffee stain, yeah so we'll say we'll say bye to tim and then we'll just talk to about what we're doing right now okay all right thanks again yeah thanks again tim for joining us and, I'm glad you all got to meet him I hope it was fun chatting with him I know a lot of people want like answers to questions and stuff, but you know we have more streams that we can do that and this is like the only time we can stream and say and talk to tim a little bit right yeah, before he goes and the, because he's gonna take care of him he's gonna buddy I shouldn't make that joke right because what if like what if you get hit by a car or something then I then I'm in a lot of trouble I love that we both made the same joke at the exact same time I can if that happens I could say that from from the dead I would think it was would be very funny so don't don't have any anxiety yeah jase you're the one probably driving he'd be laughing yeah he'd be laughing on cloud9 yeah yeah yeah so yeah yeah send you send your thanks to tim everyone and, what do you want to say the community tim before you go, it's been a privilege to, to make, satisfactory, together with you peeps the pleasure has been mine yeah it's hard to it's hard to express it's it's been a hell of a three years of constant work with this game so I'm super proud of it and super happy to have been a part of it and thank you shots for being awesome and thank you jason smith for us being you you you're welcome thanks chad for being awesome thanks jason soon for being here for being around wow alrighty well let's let the man go thanks thanks again tim all right catch man good times