July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: Moar Factory (Part 1)




so first of all uh there's something
called the
the more factory mod uh which is
it adds like a bunch of features like a
bunch of cosmetic stuff to the game
uh so it gives you this like extra build
uh build menu where you can access like
a bunch of more stuff
and this is what i've used to like build
this thing and like added this thing
and uh yeah there's just a bunch of
stuff in here there's like doors
like a better look at the thing that you
you just kind of like zoomed right by it
yeah so like
we'll get a bunch of looks because i've
built a bunch of stuff here uh but it's
got like this great
powers there yeah
big-ass radio power that's also more mod
i think uh
i'm kind of mixing probably going to mix
up the mods a bit uh because some things
are in more factory some things are in
the other mods uh like the decoration
mod etc but there's just a bunch of
stuff you can add like here's a there's
a big old
fan you can add as a window
that's cool and they they have like
animations and [ __ ]
uh let me show let me show you real
quick one of the cooler ones
uh that i saw when i was surprising the
silo one
this guy this one's got like full on
[ __ ]
like when it boots up boom
and it runs its own i don't know damn
dude damn
has been fired yeah
and i think like you can connect yeah
you can connect like conveyor belts to
cool this is just massive storage yeah i
think so
i haven't tried it out yet but uh it
looks like it i think it is a big fan
big fan uh more lag please love it three
all right so the the fragrance really
bad for them can you like
i don't know like is there anything you
can do i
all right so yeah there's just a bunch
of cool stuff in in in this thing and
it's it's interesting because like it's
it's a piece of equipment you equip and
that gives you access to like all this
so it's just a bunch of extra stuff so i
have like an antenna
that like runs i think i think this runs
animation as well yeah it does
it's like booting up here i'm not quite
sure what this
uh is used for
but it looks cool cause you hook it up
with power and everything
is that texture the uh standard engine
on the base no it looks like the the
the yeah it looks like it right
yeah yeah it is no shade that's fine
just no [ __ ] yeah just looking oh look
while also looking like
it's amazing i have like a hog here so
that's a perfect opportunity to showcase
the [ __ ] rocket launcher oh we do
have one huh
yeah uh it doesn't look amazing now
because the [ __ ] resolution is dog
[ __ ] or like
i'm running in in a super nintendo but
you can essentially use this like clear
out a whole [ __ ] forest
oh really yeah like oh my god
there you are guys
so everyone this is true yeah this is
how to clear it up fast
it's because potato power
and that one is just called like rocket
launcher that's a separate mod
uh but yeah more factory like what time
is it yeah
so so there's just a lot of it here um
there's a lot of cosmetic stuff and
there's a lot of cool
uh things like i think my favorite thing
in this are the doors let me showcase
this i have one here
so like when you approach these they
like slide open
oh yeah a lot of people have been
suggesting those as well yeah
it's so cool yeah it's really cool and
like it's also solves like the issue
with doors in general when like
the they'll like physically [ __ ] up
because doors are [ __ ] hard to make
in games in general
uh but having a sliding one it solves
that problem so it's really nice
um so yeah another really neat mod
that's not part of more factors as a
separate one
is this thing which i think we're going
to add this
to the game but having slanted uh
fences here yeah
i think that's something we're gonna add
i'm pretty sure we just haven't gotten
around to it
but there's a mod for it in the
meanwhile so you can check that out
while you're missing
uh but yeah i don't know to some degree
i don't want to like showcase too much
because i also want people to like
download this and try it out themselves
if they want to explore themselves uh
but this is a really cool mod there's
even a [ __ ] crane here
look at this [ __ ]
it's amazing
oh yeah that's so cool
um so yeah i highly recommend this mod
because it's really sweet
um again saying where's the tony hawk's
pro skater mod where you can grind that
sick rail
what do you what do you mean mod update