July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: Pak Utility Mod




all right so before we we showcase
the first mod that i've loaded up here
is called the pack
utility mod which is essentially like
your cheat board right
so it just gives you access to a bunch
of like
sheets um so
yeah so you can use the the chat
module in in the game to like access a
bunch of commands
and you can like uh you can like get
items or
make yourself invincible or you know
stuff like that uh
though the one command that i use the
most is fly and this is something that
we use internally as well a lot
um where you like hover around
uh which makes like building a lot
faster find vehicles
yeah this is this is your flying window
right here excuse me what's your radio
tower called
uh don't worry about it
um so yeah this is just a bunch of stuff
you can no clip you can like get no
power like you can get
um infinite power quantum quote like so
you don't have to
to generate any power um
you can teleport you can save locations
in the map and there's just a bunch of
nifty commands
uh and right now i'm just running the uh
i think i'm not running no power i
should be
yeah i disciple powersheets so so i'm
running fly on no power right now just
to demonstrate this is a bit faster
um so yeah what's the one monster name
this mod's name is pac utility mod