July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: Satisfactory Calculator (SCIM) Production Planner & Interactive Map




is an external tool that you can use to
like um
both look at your save files and see
like what what's going on
it's both like production planning so
you can like check out like
if i want to build comp super computers
and i want them to be 100 efficient
how like how do i need to configure
everything for it to be like for me to
be able to do that right so like
if i add uh
where is the computer the super computer
is one like the most
is the super computer you can like
search for it i think as well but
uh super computer
so say i want to produce one super
computer per minute
these are the setups i need to do and
these are like the
like the percentages of efficiency i
need to set my factories to and these
are the ores i need and whatnot
so it's got that it's also got this
interactive map
which showcases like where everything is
on the map
but also you can load in your save file
here so it will showcase like
how you build stuff and uh you can also
edit the save files so
so like if if for instance your vehicle
glitched out and it flew out like
from the world then you can like get the
stuff from it and move
it i believe in this editor it's really
dope i've used this a lot at work
uh for general
like whenever people send me save files
i want to check them out and see like if
there's something weird because
you can tell from that but also a really
good way to like just know without
booting up the game like
what is this save file again um so this
this is
this is really good [ __ ] and uh demarcio
it doesn't show mod buildings only a few
are supported so just uh
yeah heads up there this is kind of also