July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Snutt Talk: How unofficial mods work (Part 2)

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Snutt Talk: How unofficial mods work (Part 2)


This video is a continuation of a previous video
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, yeah so those are the mods that I wanted to showcase specifically, if there's any more mods that you guys feel like you have to show this mod, please let me know in chat and we can you can literally download it and try it out because there are a few mods that I haven't tried out myself, so the the way it works when you're like oh wait look getting the capture [ __ ] off no I want I want I want this, so the way it works when you download mods is you you have the mod manager right and then you like select the mod like passive mode I want that click on the little thumbnail it downloads the mod in the background and installs it and now it's done that's literally it so now the mod is is in the game so when I boot it up again it's just gonna be in there you die chase, what I'm not doing another thing now you were too quiet for a long time no no no I'm just throwing my friend on facebook yeah yeah yeah daisy chainman let me check that out really wasn't


making notes you know making it for the future, yeah there's there's just a ton of really cool mods, there are like some are quality life some are like straight up, like items in the game, yeah check out the [ __ ] mods they're so cool jetpack mark ii just tweaks jetpack there like some mods are tweaks to the the are there's like mods to like slow down the whole game all as well like if you feel like the game is running too fast or like if if if, if you think production like even at 100 efficiency you feel like it's still going like I'm progressing too fast there's like a mod for that as well I believe yeah there's a mod for like so it's always day what is your favorite mod