July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Mod highlight part 1: FicsIt-Networks

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Mod highlight part 1: FicsIt-Networks


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and this this so this mod is really cool this was released like yesterday or like sun like very recently, this is really cool so this is a satisfying like fix it networks is what it's called, let me actually build a new one just demonstrate what it's like, so this is a computer inside the game essentially oh yeah is this panna cotta's thing yeah exactly, no let's build it upside down so this is a it's it's like here's a computer right and it's like it's just a frame for computers you need to put in like a cpu here's how I'm putting the cpu here, it's a little bit finicky wait let me put this that's where I can actually see it there we go so you can like I'm going to place a cpu and you also need ram so you can put in a ram here apparently you can run out of ram so you need to put in more ram if you need it, and you also need a like an actual chip which you make so I'm going to run over and do that if I have the materials for it otherwise I'm just going to buy it I get it what is it where is that or maybe it's not equipment maybe it's just maybe I just crafted actually yeah there we go so craft a a rom chip and you put that in the computer like so and now you have a computer and this is like it's got lua in it so you can like actually program stuff here so like prince hello hell hell [ __ ] hello hello world the classic oh yeah and you can pretty much like access almost anything, so say that I place let's see here let me I have an example running but let me show this so like if I place a constructor here, you can and let me hook this up with a oh I have like what if what the [ __ ] have I done with my hotbar I messed up my harp are you guys oh boy so like in the regular base game you have like this power connector right but this mod also has like networking poles and whatever so you can hook up like like logic to everything now so now I hooked up the constructor right and then there's this item that you use here to like get like oh here's my constructor daddy, and it's got like an id right so you can like copy and paste that and you can access it let's see if I can remember that I don't have the documentation open right now so let's see if I can remember it so it's like, constructor equals to component.proxy and then you get the id and then let's print the components yeah so here's like here's my constructor daddy reference in the computer and you can like print, sorry so get all the


instructor get members I think if I remember correctly remember yeah so that's like all the funky oh wow james calm down so print m so now it's gonna print like pretty much the interface to this building so here's like the api calls that I have to this constructor right so I can like I want to get yeah so it's it's pretty much like calling like the stuff that's in our code and getting access to it and you can use that in the lua setting right so here you can like you can change the recipe with the computer and you know get the stuff so I have an example running over here with a biomass generator, where I have like here's some fuel in it and I've set up a screen here that just displays like how much fuel is in the biomass generator so let me turn off the power thing so this should be maybe running or maybe I haven't hooked it up oh I don't think this is producing anything that I think that's the problem let me make some iron plates go make the iron plates no power what are you talking about I have power right here asperboy says oh I can work while I'm gaming as well yeah like pretty much like it's insane, so yeah now we'll display for me on this display here like how much fuel is in the biofuel so you can imagine like this setups imagine I have like 20 biofuel generators in the beginning right and the tedious thing about this is kind of hard to know like what how much fuel is in the bio mass generators so imagine a setup here where I have like 20 of them and I can have like this like command screen showing like how much fuel is left in each, in each one I think there's a little bug in my code here sometimes this needs to be updated there we go so now like if I remove this it will like update on the screen to show and you can like you can program so like it will give you a warning when like biofuel is running low and stuff like that so like say I could code like for instance that say this is less than 10 then it should like light up a light or something or give me a warning sound or something so I know that oh [ __ ] I need to run back and refuel my biomaster energy so like there's just so much you can do with this and this is like like on your like ui and stuff so that you doesn't matter where you are you'll know more yeah yeah and like you can put in you can make like, speaker polls here to like in-game make a siren or something if you if you like


and you can code you can make like, you can program the splitters and stuff to be like for every five items should go left every five items to go left or right or something else like completely what you want, so there's just so much like potential with this mod specifically, given the fact that you can like actually program stuff right so this spot is insane and this is literally like just the tip of the iceberg here like what I'm showing here because you can add like buttons, you can add like modules here you can access different modules here's kind of like a breadboard design and customize this however you want you can make so this is a small screen you can also make like the large ones, so get it get out of here mr construction, how does the ram limit you on the thing I don't know maybe pentacotta can answer that but I think it's like the amount of instruction it runs per tick or something so like if you want stuff to be able to run in peril you can add more cpus and program those I suppose so yeah this is this this mod is insane yeah it's really crazy I've, I've dropped into some of the streams so just, watch it it's quite nice but anyway it is streaming right or am I thinking of someone else yeah no it's pinacata it's my final code yeah, his, stream is called like code code everything oh [ __ ] cde yeah yeah but it's really dope- I can't wait to see what people do with this, after every lunatic I simply check how much memory the lower garbage collector manages right now oh okay yeah it's really neat