July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Mod highlight part 1: Area Actions (Part 1)

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Mod highlight part 1: Area Actions (Part 1)


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there's also something called the era actions mod and this is probably like one of the oldest mods, that's been around this this is a [ __ ] legend okay and I've actually built like most of this building with the air reactions mod because so this building is just like every floor is like two constructors with well getting there two constructors, and I built like a [ __ ] ton of floors right and this building this takes forever, so there is a little way to like cheat it a bit, using the air actions mod so the air actions mod is essentially like you mark down areas that you want to copy, and you can copy like foundations and constructors and like yeah move them up and stuff so let's just make a quick demo here so like if I have a bunch of foundations here and I place like if I play like an old well maybe not a whole extractor but like yeah I don't no let's just put a construction keyboard all right so so say that like I want to have this but I want to have like 50 billion of them right, I don't want to [ __ ] like spend years building them right, where are blueprints am I right, so with the air reactions mod you can let's see if I remember the commands you can click and look at the corners here and be like oops so now essentially like in 3d marked this whole thing and [ __ ] there we go and then you can like why can't I not see it copy paste yeah so there so here you can be like yeah I want to move it, in the x-axis by 20 this is in-game I'm not quite sure what the the, the values are because I think it's our like internal one, because it's kind of easy to like have them line up they're saying to use fill fill oh yeah it's also pretty good, the one I used is this one


because this feel also I mean let me try it out a bit let me I'm gonna experiment a bit it's doing the y-axis so you can like using let me experiment so you're okay like yeah exactly so so here you go here you have like where you can quickly make like a bunch of them in one axis or if you have like a specific one you want to copy and paste and the thing here is like every axis was that yeah I make a bunch in every axis let's do it, not that one


okay and then you can be like let's play 10 and then 10. yes and preview that [ __ ] and the game crashed did it really yeah there we go it did it it did it yeah so yeah this just makes you know cool a little faster to build you know what I'm saying and the thing here as well is like I haven't placed these yet these are like previews so like if if it doesn't line up to what you think like I don't like like the clips here I don't like that you can be like all right then just, close it oh wait yeah there you go so it doesn't happen so nothing happens so so let's say I just want to copy paste this and like move it 15. let's check it out sorry 16. can you like yeah it looks good and then you can be like okay boop and then I copied those five buildings and the cool thing is it also copies the recipe, I haven't set a recipe here but if I had I think it copied the recipe as well so this would have the same recipe but even then even if you didn't do that you can still go and see if I if I select all of these there's also a setting for like set recipe it can be like I want it to make iron rods pretty cool boop and you set all the set on rods for all of those so it just makes a building a little a lot more faster, does this spend any materials asks cpu, I think you can, decide, I don't quite remember okay, and then panna card is saying