July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Mod highlight part 1: Micro Manage

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Mod highlight part 1: Micro Manage


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mean so there's this mod called the micromanage mod which I think is really really neat, this is like for you know when you place something you can't really move it so with this mod you can so if you let me just, refer to this let me place like a few foundations here right so I'm going to place like one whoops I [ __ ] that up oh it went through that maybe it didn't blow anything, so yeah like here are a bunch of foundations and what if I'm like oh no I wanted to like move them up like I want to have them on like pillar support like that so you can like use this mod to do that so you like, let's see if I do this correctly you click on them and you have control and then you can like wait which one is this


yeah so you can like move them right you can rotate them as well you can yeah in all different angles you can also well whichever button is this isn't this one click like clashes a bit with the with the utility mod but because they're using the same keys but you can yeah you can like move them around in different constellations and you can also scale them up and down which explains like some of the the mods we've seen we're like what the [ __ ] is that no this is a scaled-down thingamajig tiny foundations yeah tiny foundations what is this a factory for ants yeah so, so yeah now I can like place my support here whoops


and if I'm like no it's still too too low because like now I'm gonna allow like maybe you like that or maybe you want to like move them down even more so you can like do do do do do I want to make it down even more yeah moving down anymore let's do it what if you do this yeah that's where I want it that's perfect all right, very nice I don't know if there's a way to like do, similar to what a reaction mod does where like you can select an area but maybe that's something that's coming or maybe you can already do that and I just haven't figured it out yet, but so that's pretty much like that's the that's the gist of the micromanagement there are more stuff to it but let's not go too deep into it, but