July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: Moar Factory (Part 2)




too let me show this off real quick
this is [ __ ] oh
what is this this is from like mad max
or something
they had a [ __ ] volkswagen and mad
no not the volkswagen but it just looks
like a like a like a death machine
yeah i mean it kind of is it's got flaps
like look at that [ __ ] whenever i slide
it it pulls out the flaps
oh really yeah shake it oh damn
that's super cool yeah so i think this
is a re-skin of uh
the explorer it behaves like the
explorer at least i don't know if they
um perfect this yeah perfect this is
exactly what i wanted
this is how i explore the world all