July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: 3D Text




um next up we have like this thing the
3d texts
uh this is a decorations mod as well
it's like you just build letters
uh let's see where it is with audio
there we go decorations
just there there have been a few uh
pictures in our highlights that have
showcased this like you can spell out
so like check out the dyson sphere
it says chicken yeah i'm not gonna i
didn't want to show off too much because
i also want people to explore a bit with
the mod
itself but yeah there's there's some
really cool um
uh power sources that are available to
uh but yeah like the the 3d text is you
can spell up things so here's like my
secret box you'll never know what's
inside that it's super secret
very secret seriously yeah um
so yeah um it's really simple to use as
there we go i lost i lost control
and they've got like asterisks and in
one of these and
cyrillic and and whatnot so yeah really
i i've it's really nice like markup and
it's it's like for those people like
in a distance be like what is that oh
that's the that's the secret box right