July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Snutt Talk: How unofficial mods work (Part 1)

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Snutt Talk: How unofficial mods work (Part 1)


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let's go before before so so this is a this is a two-parter of this whole thing right because I don't just want to like show up like you're a bunch of cool mods without like acknowledging just how much [ __ ] work that went into, like getting mods working whatsoever how much work work has gone into like supporting mods in general but also like setting up like this whole [ __ ] ecosystem of like both wrapping around like how you access mods if you're developing mods yourself and also like making sure that people can get mods it is an easy way so there's there's a lot to it so I'm just going to start by showing off the mod mod manager I'm going to I'm going to mix these up 50 billion times so essentially how do you get mods right that's that's probably the first question to answer, and you go to this website called fixing.app, so from here this has been where they've been distributing mods from the get-go kind of like since we've had mods from the guinea and yeah this is where you get the mod manager which is


really nice it's a really nice way to get mods you don't even need to like go to the website once you have the mod manager, to like download and load mods and whatever and you don't even need to like [ __ ] like you need to install them but you don't actually, need to because everything is managed in the mod manager, so it's really neat so like you download the mod manager and then like you can browse the mods and be like yeah I want to get all the mods and I can look at like oh this looks cool apparently, 16k where was it 16k, on the modding community there's 16k members I don't think that's on the website or on the discord so but anyway 16 000 people noise yes yes, why people laughing did I miss something because I recruited, I realized I didn't set up the sound so I didn't actually but yeah so so so so you can open up the mod mag and be like here's here's a cool mod, passive oh wait oh my gosh switchback here's a cool mod like passive mode and and then it opens up like this extra branch and it shows like some like here's what the mod is about or like you can go here and be like here's the huge storage thingamajig really cool and stuff like that, so so even with the mod manager you can just browse and like check for mods itself, it's really dope and you can like search like I want I want, faces only fans jace oh there's not a jace mod too bad bummer, so yeah really cool and the thing about this as well is like there's there's there's kind of like a few more systems behind the scenes as well I've made I've made a diagram check this [ __ ] out let's see if I can find it boop, such a nerd dude I know right this is high school this isn't powerpoint this is a satisfactory all right so so the way it works right is that, for to be able to like load mods and wait let me just hold up I'm I'm deviating from my own notes there's something in in the behind the scenes it's called the satisfactory mod loader which is like the system that like loads mods into the game itself, and that's also like the version like that keeps track of like being able to like access stuff in the game through the mod, because for the longest time like it was kind of like closed off and that's that's what kind of like happens when we don't have official mod support yet is that you can't like access stuff in the game yet, but because they made this [ __ ] thing, and I'm trying to find the documentation for here we go right so so like there's a bunch of stuff that you need to like set up in order to like act to be able to make a mod right and and I just want to quickly run through that because just to show how much work there is behind the scenes for this right, so first of all there's something called the mod bootstrapper which is like the thing that they they use to like access functions in the game to be able to like access unreal engine specific things, or you know be able to like access the r are the code that we've written so they can access like loading, the same functions that we do and that's the bootstrapper and that's kind of like in behind the scenes running and then you have the mod loader which takes the like uses the bootstrapper to like access the stuff and and it handles like unpacks and unpacks the mods etc and then if you want to make your own mod you have to like download, both the version of v-wise that we're using the audio engine you have to download like a special branch of unreal ending that they the modders have created that you can download on epic's github page, you need like your ide and blah blah like there's just so much work that goes on, that's been set up just so that you can make mods and this is essentially the different like the different components to it right so you have like your different mods are loaded into sml which is then loaded into the bootstrapper that injects into the game, and then you have the satisfactory mod manager that handles all this behind the scenes and that also downloads and, and handles it from the satisfactory mod repository this is the fixit app website a lot of stuff, and it blows our minds that that somebody wanted to set this up first of all, but also like how far people have gotten so far it's gotten like so nice to use kind of thing it's really good yeah and it's it's really conv yeah that as well like it's so convenient to use like it you don't even need to like do do the classical thing of like yeah I'm going to download this mod and like place it in the folder like no you don't do that so so I'm going to show that later in the stream because I want to make sure that, I don't like load in a mod that will crash the because I have a lot of mods loaded in right now and, some mods don't jive with other mods for instance and I don't know which ones do, so yeah essentially you you pick and choose your mods you like find this model I want to try this out and, you download it by clicking on it and then when you feel like I got everything you press launch game and, it boots up the game it loads in the mods and you just play and the mods are in the game and that's pretty much it so simple yeah it just works it just works it is kind of to me it's kind of magic one other thing that I think is really cool that we tested that I didn't know this had but some mods also support multiplayer, and if you try to connect to a game that's running, a modded version you'll get like a pop-up in the other one saying like oh this player is using a modded version and you can't connect to them even though you haven't like installed anything, I that's magic I don't know if we helped out with that or something or if that's we'll just say yeah yeah okay I'll just better call out black screen mod yeah but I was so surprised when I saw that so here we go booting up the game bam and then you have like here it says like bootstrapper, and then you have 19 mods loaded and you can see the mods that you've loaded in, and then you just go man you're just gonna have a sick this works it just works so here I have a save file that I've prepared with a