July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: Farming Mod




but on that note of of uh food
let's showcase the farming mod
farming yeah man so there are
like different uh greenhouses you can
build um
these ones are like the manual ones so
these you have to like
you have to walk up to them and like put
seeds in there uh these ones are making
uh wheat
so i can take the wheat and go to my
like bakery here a cooker
and place the wheat in here and it bakes
bread and you can bake like a lot of
stuff like you make muffins
this is runescape man
you gotta get your farming stat up man
yeah i didn't make red berry pies give
them the dwarves
yeah um so yeah there are i think there
are different types of
seeds or maybe it's the same type
seems like yeah it's the same type but
it's like different amounts of seed for
different types of
things so you can grow so i'm growing
wheat in these ones and here's like the
mark ii version of it
which is automated so like
uh don't think burgers oh
i mean it's a it's a crime against
humanity if you can't but apparently
i mean it's a work in progress maybe i
don't know uh we need to add
lizard burgers that's for
farms sure dude it would be amazing if
the mod was like yeah you put
liz doggo in in the search container and
then it just feeds it
into the machine and it makes lizzie
duggan burgers
um i'll
so yeah like there's also automated
greenhouses which feeds
lizard hot dog uh and here
here i'm growing corn and here you can
see how like i connected water as well
so i have a water thing coming here
and that makes it enriched so it's like
a better uh
thing and yeah it's automated and
there's like the
uber greenhouse which is like super
automated it's like biggest
biggest hell um i'm also growing wheat
so it's really cool you imagine going to
the supermarket
and you're gonna be like you know those
like for four dollars you can get
a bunch of corn or you can get the rich
corn for five dollars yeah
dude the rich corn isn't that like ngo
kind of
yeah like kind of or like
like or like uh eco-friendly or
something yeah yeah yeah
but it's really cool i i actually played
a lot with this mod
uh itself just because it was nice to
like get a new
chain of like stuff to build
uh because like you make seeds
out of um
sandstone or rims called um
so i built like this whole rack to make
it automatically
you make seeds of sandstone
no it's called limestone sorry limestone
you get this thing yeah let's take
another little production
and you put them you can put them in the
constructor and like these and whatnot
but also like there's a different you
know chains of stuff like so when you
bake stuff you can bake like pies and
then you have different
stuff that you need for instance this
needs a yacht berry so you need to grow
that as well
so this is this is more to it i guess
just like food i suppose you couldn't do
yeah and exactly and and uh like once
it's done
you can like i think i would have a
bunch of corn maybe not let's throw this
stupid nut away
i got some corn here you're gonna be
like yay i got corn
and they have like different health
stats as well i think the muffin is the
best one
of course it is but here i have bear
like bread
the models are pretty sweet too
so yeah yeah that's right that's that's
literally the bread
that i buy when i go to the supermarket
you gotta get that bread man