July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight Mod highlight part 1: Refined Power

July 30th, 2020 Mod Highlight

Mod highlight part 1: Refined Power


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refined power, let's see yeah here we are so I place it over here so there's a mod for let's see it's here yeah for just a bunch of more, power options I know people have been asking for like these things like windmills a lot right so that exists in that mod there are like these smaller ones which don't generate a lot of electricity, these are also like depending on where you place them you get more output I believe, as far as I can tell because like some of these are more efficient than others like apple pi five and yeah this one's got like three, and then they're sorted that out yeah I have no idea because I assume there's some like logic because- I think like if we want to do that we would have to like make some world logic you know yeah exactly like certain volume or whatever it's like on this it's really windy on this hill or something yeah, and I think that's one one reason why we just haven't committed too much but because like these are fairly much just like you get free power from them, essentially like you just place them and you get power whereas all everything else like you need to do some kind of setup in the game all right but these are really cool, they said, faker says the higher they are more power you get and they need 16 foundations between them so they don't reduce the power production ah okay yeah there's that and then also open the scanning tool for refined power open the scanning tool oh oh interesting


you say wind turbine interesting I have wind wristing yeah yeah after talking about wind yeah winter thing but this is for water, no it's so they have placed something in the world for like water turbines which is this thing which generates water like power from water or currents and then there's like this thing where like automated biomass so you can like, you can add a, a conveyable to it what is that which is like a effective decision we've had to not have but there's a monitor is that going to, the food court yes it is, so yeah there's just a bunch of cool alternative power sources I also have, way up here I have solar panels to power some stuff yeah,