July 8th, 2020

July 8th, 2020 Unofficial Community Mods Showcase

Mod highlight part 1: The Ghost Mod




one thing uh one more i just glanced
over real quick but i just want to go
through here
this is a mod called the ghost mod or
factory ghost construction is the name
of it um
i i we've talked about this a bit
internally doing something like this but
we've never really committed to it
we kind of have this for when you're
playing uh multiplayer and
um it's lagging this feature is kind of
in the game
but essentially what it is is when
you're building factories you can build
like these ghost buildings to be like
if you want to like try out like yeah
can i fit these many and it can be like
oh it doesn't fit like or so you get
like a preview of what it would look
like if you were to build in a certain
composition without like spending the
materials on it uh and then like build
directly by looking at them that's i
don't think you can
but this is a work in progress mod as
well so it's also possible that
this might come but that's that's uh i
think that's the next thing yeah
i think i think that's pretty important
honestly yeah
it's frustrating but it's really nice it
doesn't yeah
yeah but it's really nice like if you
want to preview stuff um
and there's one for every building
there's not four conveyor belts i
but it's a really neat neat mod
yeah so