March 12th, 2024 Livestream Q&A: Are you completely content with content complete?

March 12th, 2024 Livestream

Q&A: Are you completely content with content complete?

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are you completely content with content complete I am still contemplating that I think no if I to be honest like I think well to the to the big extent yes but like I think there are a few things small things MH but like small things that might have a big impact I think there are some things that we do want to resolve, for instance the Pioneer bug like or the offline player thing that's not in cont but it's definitely something that we should have in the game, but like the game as a whole has a lot of stuff I'll say this okay I'll say I'm going to have a hot take here okay oh in my personal opinion I feel like satisfactory has everything in the version that we have internally that- I think have been missing in the game for a long time like there's there's there's a few things that I've always felt like that makes it incomplete it definitely feels complete now, there's obviously you could always add more features to the game and they're definitely like features that I would love to see specifically like quality of life stuff in in in certain aspect of the like small kind of small tweaks, but I feel like we have everything in the game that the game needs to be for 1.0 Jay's pillow confirmed it's already there is already on the in the corner nobody puts the J's pillar in the corner, now that's my opinion I'm sure there's going to be people that are like this is missing so I don't feel like it's 1.0, I think that's going to be different depending on who you ask, but- I feel like we are pretty happy with the stuff that's in 1.0 to make it feel like a complete game if we managed to please everyone we would be literally the first game ever to do so yeah yeah definitely lasers I see M jokes on you all when they're actually are lasers in 1.0 I'm not saying there are but they could be there could be lasers in 1.0 and you're all going to be real sorry when you find out that there actually are lasers in 1.0 not that I'm saying there are but should have given them the letters l and R or Ln S I suppose no Ln RR singular I don't know why it took me so long to to, to read that in my mind yeah laser golf yeah a single laser a laser pointer that would be pretty funny actually a little laser pointer in the awesome shop who knows probably not but who knows give them a give them a laser pointer we have it in the slides for commun highlights that's