September 6th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: What happened to the Lego thing?

September 6th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: What happened to the Lego thing?

This question was possibly replaced with a more recent answer: December 13th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: How's the Lego Satisfactory set going?

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let's see the lego thing what did happen to the lego thing when is there, maybe it didn't happen because I haven't heard of it quick recap, lego nerdist made a really cool satisfactory lego piece, with the constructor and the way that it works when you put it out I'm going to post it on chat here real quick so when you post when you make like on the lego ideas website, you can have people vote on it and then, if it reaches like 10 000 votes then it's put in the lap of like the reviewers for lego to look at it and be like you know what maybe we will make a lego piece out of this and it did reach 10 000 votes and I don't know when the review period is it's still yeah yeah it's it's I don't know when the review period is because you only have like two or three review periods a year or something like that or maybe just maybe it's just one if you started may I don't know I don't know what the state of this is, I don't know if they actually like say like no it will never be a lego thing or whatever maybe they'll make a youtube video with like top 10 lego pieces we'll never make number one satisfactory lego off said it's cough stain we're never doing it maybe lego would do that I don't know so yeah I don't know the state of that actually there was another lego piece which was the train, by the way you can still vote for that one highly recommend you do because it's really cool, hit the old support button on the train one it's really cool I think they haven't I think they also made this, so there's like a video or something with this actually working or maybe these are pictures actually very cool, so that also exists so please how about that that's really cool I would also love to see that one but yeah don't know the state of things in the world of lego satisfactory lego will it be a thing we will never know yeah you can't you can always buy the pieces, is there because I assume there's like a way to download like the like which pieces do you need for this or something and you can download the model or something you can figure out where do they go or something but what do I know I'm just a stupid community manager


yeah yeah exactly like there's it's also like a really complex lego piece so, yeah I don't know would be cool but yeah lego in satisfactory when lego no no no no that if lego won't put says if lego won't put out a satisfactory lego piece we're not putting a lego in our game what are you talking about, they scratch our back we scratched their back you know that's not that's in productive packer it's not lego what are you talking about all right anyways I think, we're probably gonna need to wrap up soon actually


because short stream today essentially tldr short stream is what I'm trying I hope like a release of satisfactory fix it wind farm that would be mean that would be so mean can't even play this in the game but we have it at lego