December 12th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev / Get to know Mikael

December 12th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev / Get to know Mikael

00:00 Intro
00:58 Welcome Mikael
03:45 FICSMAS Sweaters
04:35 Q&A: How much has Mikael played Satisfactory?
12:30 Q&A: Where did the Packager mini-game come from?
14:18 Q&A: Did Mikael build a Hypertube cannon yet?
14:48 State of Dev - Last stream of the year
15:34 State of Dev - Pause on updates to the Online Integration system
17:47 State of Dev - One last patch of the year
18:28 State of Dev - FICSMAS is currently running
19:22 State of Dev - Info about next updates in the new year
19:57 State of Dev - Mikael trolls about Snow Biome

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oh hey everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream holy moly the agenda is gone where's the agenda don't you mean holy Jolly holy jolly hly Christmas soon holy goodness what's up everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream oh dear and, not only welcome to you guys to the weekly Dev stream but also welcome Mikel to the dev stream our what's up guys Community manager hello if you haven't seen the video oh I should have played the intro before the stream actually but if you haven't you shouldn't have not me just a sketch oh but if you haven't seen the video let me post it in chat real quick, M's announcement video so if you want to learn more about Mel just, check the link or whatever actually this guy can not blast oh whatever yeah so, yeah wel everybody and, welcome our new I already said that I already I'm going to repeat myself the entire stream how you doing man I'm fine thank you, this setup right here is very makeshift like the lighting the sound the mic eating my face so if something looks a bit odd or if the sound is a bit off, that will change very soon once we get the studio in the office set up yeah this is a temporary setup that we have right now yeah but, man I'm I'm Holly and I'm Jolly I'm I'm actually it's been it's been a good month it's been a good month it's, looking to be a great time going forwards, it's very fun to be here at, yeah no glad to be online yeah Mikel joined us literally the same week we launched, up to dat on EA where I'm like hella busy and like have time for nothing so like it's pretty shitty first week for you can I can I say that as well like like I knew I was starting on November nober 14th, at no November 13th the day before upd date, and of course like before coming to the office I was like following along with the news and just general streams and videos best I could and then this video drops where this is like yeah so, no 14 guys and I'm like that sound familiar wait a second I should have just thrown you like completely under the bus and be like all right you take care of this right like you take care of the the release and you be on stream and you do all of that stuff oh mean baptism by fire yeah yeah yeah I mean you got to you got to be able to swim man you just got to go it's been 10 years yeah oh I would be so slow in the pool now holy yeah yeah yeah, so yeah mik is gonna be here on stream and help out and he's also doing a bunch of stuff behind the scenes taking care of that I've had to do, so I can focus on other things and stuff and, yeah my first question to you m if by the way if you guys have questions to Mikel we might do like a thing during the Q&A where're like we do a mix of both so like maybe you guys can ask questions to me get to know him a little bit better oh yes so and and remember we always do these like, at the end of the stream when we're doing the Q&A I guess we'll sort of do intermittent between like Mel and and stisa related questions, and we use slido for those things so like if you have any questions throughout the Stream, pop them on the slider you do exclamation mark AMA and you get access to the link you don't need to log in or anything like that it's all, what's it called Anonymous, so, do it and we're also very festively, dressed for the occasion because, one of our merch Partners I say one of us because I don't we only have one right now but our official merch partner heroic replicas, have been working hard on getting the fixas sweaters out for the holidays, if you see this now it's too late you can still order them but you won't be able to get them I believe before, before the holidays unfortunately but, you can always get them for next year I guess but they're pretty sweet this is one of the designs there's also another one with like the Pioneer in Gray it's pretty sweet, so go to go to heroic repli buy this buy our stuff, exclamation mark merch blah blah blah sell out okay anyways, how much okay so so before we actually move move on with this like how much have you played the game so far M I haven't asked you this in a while actually, right now on Steam let's actually what what's your what's your man here this is play time this is the important question yeah 75.3 hours and I believe my yeah I believe my thank you I believe my longest save file in the actual game has like 65 hours so I've done a couple of resets but, yeah where 75 is not 69 though that's true that's true I should have paused there yeah how how far are you in in like the progression I am on the very very cusp of unlocking tiers five and six I believe, I don't know the name of the material after the top of my head so please don't shoot me, I think I need to turn in like oh yeah you're going to gr me I know what this is this is your this is your job today Chad we got a absolutely, what's the word, shame Mikel for not knowing enough about satisfactory cuz I've got enough you going be able to do that like next year too like there is absolutely no shot I will learn all that you and even these guys know like in a year even it's it's, well I' I've had how many years have we worked this game like six year I still don't know so yeah yeah no but I think that's oil r or oil yeah yeah so I, actually it's cold I've been I've been using coil a lot lately to get power, and water it took me about so I'm sitting next to Hannah in the office, I'm SAR that yeah thank you, and even with a designer So Close by it took me like almost two and a half hours to realize you can't put water Pumpers like beneath I mean under surface and also vertical but they had to go you know no sorry horizontal they had to be vertical up a wall, so I didn't get water pumping for like a Sol in three or so hours until I realized wait I'm an idiot wait what do you mean yeah you can did they lie to you wait did she you can totally put them on like, well you can't place them on the ground but you can put them on pipes wherever I'm digging my own gra My Grave what the hell Hannah gave you false false news she's just trying to she set me up for this man yeah yeah yeah no they can be horizontal, oh yeah yeah well fair enough yeah we might do so next year because this is the last stream obviously so so, we're going to close it off for this year but we might do a thing where maybe you stream the game play it and and I'll backseat and then we can all hang out and and tell me how to play the game, that could be a fun thing to do I'm sorry it's way too hot by the way I just need to wringle this off you got to commit to the bit man give me like give me 10 minutes without yeah like we we back see it on this stream alone so like I'm sure a gameplay stream will be fine, all right cool so so but you you've gotten through like I think coal is usually the the breaking point for a lot of people so like getting pipes to work and all that stuff is usually yeah so I had pipes working I had coal working I was making power through water but I was like the amount of conveyor bu spaghetti I was making like trying to connect coal nodes to my initial well base is a kind word but my my initial whatever it was yeah basically with all the like it's Norther Forest I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about this little like precipice with I think four iron nodes all smooshed together very good place to start out, I had conveyor belts going from like nania to there and just bringing me coal and stuff and my efficiency was is like Subterranean so I decided like right before I was finishing turning in the last couple materials I a couple like maybe 60 70 materials like this like Advanced rotor thing, for the elevator I decided to dismantle everything and build somewhere from scratch to make sure I actually had like a bit more of a system going on like more efficiency bit more of a structure maybe the start of what would be a mega Factory I'm realizing what an absolute fool I am for thinking I could make one right now now, but yeah the goal right now was basically to just again move everything to just one good space and have everything be like a bit more condensed, and getting that started like that project wow you got a commit man wow yeah yes and you got to go again yeah I always feel I always feel like up until oil like when you get markv belts up until then that's the tutorial mark four belts yeah oh did I spoil the game for you now why are there why are there why are there mark four belts like I with Mark I like how do you how do you keep them pumping like those belts they just they just chug and hang up everywhere like there is absolutely no way I could make anything go faster oh yeah Mark two was more than enough you you you'll get there you'll get there oh my God yeah, do you do you guys do you guys make like an action RPG in the office that I can move over to I kind of feel like button mashing is more my J at this point once we add power, base defense we can add that as an arpg situation, but yeah it's it's like once you get the faster Bells then like you can actually utilize all the noes properly then, you rebuild everything essenti like every time you get a tier up upgrade to your belts you completely go like oh wait now- I can do more oh no yeah and then overclocking all the the miners and stuff like that and at some point you're going to love it aren't you like I am instead of dreading it yeah also a fun little tidbit with my save file it's 65 hours I think like almost 20 might be a 20 might be a huge number but like at least at least 12 13 14 hours probably 14 15 hours have just gone towards exploring caves and dying to pigs like endlessly so yeah there's definitely been like days where I've just played and not made any progress like in fact I've lost prog- I think I still have like how many chests four or five chests just lying around that I just couldn't be you know effed going back to so yeah I guess I could do that something Point yeah or just make a new safe F just restart from scratch again yeah no what I like to do is I like to do my starter stuff and like get up to to, tier 7 or like whatever, and there's just like abandoned where I started and just go somewhere completely else and like just restart essentially cuz then you've unlocked everything and then it's like way easier to you know rebuild everything and then you kind of know what you want to do yeah I guess when you see the I say whole picture but like at least most of it like you know what you have at your disposal I guess that's a good point to actually commit hard commit to a mega base or, a proper Factory yeah have you used any of the, cuz there's a bunch of really cool like calculator sites and like planning tools that we have I don't know if you used any of those no no although also I've lost like three or four hours to, the, game crashing I knew it what's it called the packaging mini game like when you block oh make that make that a standalone game man like it sell like crazy I promise you it is a standalone game you just have to buy satisfactory a player well that's the one satisfactory tools yeah this is why we upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 is we got to have the proper graphics for the packager mini game, well fully worth it I heard it was a an event feature that was going away like I was like what are you serious no it was originally was made for fixmas So like, and the theme I guess for that was like, one of our UI artists make made that from scratch essentially for fixas cuz like when we did the initial fixas everyone just did whatever they wanted M and, like it it makes sense like packaging because you're packaging presence or whatever so like the packager mini game was tied to that, and then once fixas was over I think what happened was you know it we when fixas is over you don't have access to anymore it anymore but I think we added it back or it might have been a bug where it didn't got removed but then we're like nah it's fine it can stick around in the game forever it's fine, or we just decided that we wanted I don't actually remember how that came to be but yeah a lot of people really like that mini game and, we kept it and, you can you can play that whenever so like it's not tied to fixmas necessarily are you playing with fixmas enabled right now of course I am nice cuz then you get a whole other slew of things to automate to just derail your Factor even more yeah I mean my like and no one has given me a like an actual hard box for a present in like what 15 years now M so getting like infinite is very reassuring like very just fun no more socks no more sweaters very nice cool so yeah chugging along getting there and, yeah we'll get there so mik is still a bit, green when it comes to like satisfactory development and all the stuff so so, you'll still get the general news for me for the most part but we'll get there how hard can it be to be a commun manag for satisfactory right did you build a cannon have you built a hyper tube Canon yet do you have hyper tubes unlocked what is a hyper tube yeah there that's your answer right there yeah we we should do a back seating, play session just like check out what you've made you need to give us a tour I thought it was this going to be loud sorry I thought that was already like part of the plan honestly cool then then then it's official I'm committed let's go first first thing that happens next year yeah cool all right, let's give a little bit of state of dev then shall we so, what's going on so this is the last stream for the year so you won't be seeing us for until next year I don't know when we'll resume streaming it depends a little bit on, what we plan to do, or maybe you'll start streaming on doing the the fun gameplay stuff and then we'll come back to this format again later but we'll figure that out next year anyways so so, so yeah that's that's the plan at least so this is the final stream where we're going to just hang out and and chill and and eat cookies I guess oh that's a word I need to update my bingo card oh yeah I we should get that back so, so in the world of of of satisfactory I have a couple of, news I guess we've talked about for like a couple of weeks now that we were planning to do an update to our online integration system that we had for our game and, we were supposed to push that out last week, change of plans we changed our minds we're going to we're going to take a pause on the online integration system for a bit, because when, when it came to like to actually pushing it there were a couple of like questions that we still have with how it works and the flow of things and it would actually when we do push it live it would affect sort of, stuff long term that we weren't sure we would committed to yet just yet and it wasn't a thing where like we could have backtracked like once once that stuff goes out it's it's out essentially so we wanted to, take a little bit more time and spend like it needs a bit more time in the oven essentially to make sure that, We've thought it out properly, and that we have the right features for it, multiplayers getting remove confirm that's exactly what I meant, the online Iration by the way- I've talked about this many times but just to clarify again the online integration isn't necessarily isn't tied to like the online connectivity stuff so I know a lot of people have issues with the connectivity thing we're going to look into that as well further down the line, we won't be able to do it in in the near future because we're going on holidays- I guess that's also one important thing I need to mention here is that, this is the last week for the entire team together like once, like next week most of people like cofan will be gone and like be on holidays, and we won't be in full force until back in January so that's why we're not going to push any more patches or anything like that, until next year, but yeah the online integration stuff, is is sort of a layer that just rests on top of the the online system that we have and that's more to deal with like feature sets that has to do with with online, that's why it's call an integration I guess, so yeah we decided to not push that on experimental, we are however going to push one last patch to experimental this week, potentially today or next, or tomorrow, and this patch will in will include a crash fix that has one of the most common crash fixes I don't remember which one it is which call it is but it's one of the most common ones, we're also going to update the localization that's in the game and we're also going to fix a small UI issue on the reset fuse lever, that was being offset or something like that so so it's not a huge patch or anything like that and yeah once that patch is out that's going to be it for us this year essentially, and when it comes to like also need to probably mention this as well that fixmas is currently running by the way if you haven't noticed if you haven't play the game in December at all and you log in now you're going to be quite surprised if you didn't know about this so fixmas is currently running in the game, and fixmas is our holiday event and fixmas will run up until January 18th so if you haven't if you don't have time to play the game until like after December or whatever or until after the holidays or whatever whatever there's still time to to get around to it and try it out, there's no new content but it's it's back baby essentially, and if you don't want to play with fixmas you can disable it in the main menu by going into gameplay and then there's a seasonal events ticker thingy that you can uncheck and, that way you don't have to, play with fixas enabl if you don't want to, and yeah like I mentioned this is the last stream that we have for this year, I know a lot of people are curious what we plan to do next and we'll talk more about that like what's coming to satisfactory next but we won't do that until after New Year's Eve so a little bit of a cliffhanger there for you folks, we we'll talk about that soon but soon next year all right that's state of depth did I forget anything trick question I never forget anything again so I'm sitting next to Hannah in the office and, we've had a lot of snow in Sweden lately like a lot of snow for it being this early in December and, you know like even Hannah sometimes is just looking outside through the window seeing all the snow and like muttering you know maybe just just maybe I thought you were go with like I sit next to Hannah and she like we see the snow and like sometimes Hannah just looks at and be like thank God we don't have a snow biome it sucks that look in her eyes I think she's considering it no no no no don't tease us like this it can't be unless no no no no it's it's probably never going to happen probably never going to happen you know what I mean never is a strong word yeah yeah yeah in this economy all right that was St Dev