November 23rd, 2018

November 23rd, 2018 Q&A #4: Questions about THQ Nordic + my opinion

Q&A: Did THQ Nordic buy Coffee Stain?



THQ Nordic by coffee-stained yes they
did and there is also a very important
distinction to make coffee stain and
coffee stain studios are not the same
thing so coffee stain is a big group and
under coffee stain there is coffee stain
studios which is where I am right now
there's also coffee stain north in
Stockholm lava potion in Gothenburg and
coffee stain publishing who does a bunch
of publishing things and why this
matters is because THQ Nordic bought
coffee stain the group and so everything
there stays the same so for example
coffee stain publishing is still our
publishing arm so the way this works is
there's THQ Nordic and directly
underneath them is Koch media and then
there's THQ Nordic which is not the same
as this THQ Nordic that's a publisher in
Vienna or something and then there's
coffee stain and so we're we're