November 23rd, 2018 Dev Blog Jace's opinion re: THQ Nordic

November 23rd, 2018 Dev Blog

Jace's opinion re: THQ Nordic

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have happened okay so that was a bunch of questions I hope that sort of clears the air a little bit for you but there is something that I am quite passionate about that I want to try and do in this video and that is basically one thing that's important to me is to showcase to everyone out there that every single person in this company and in all companies are individual people with their own lives and with their own brains and their own opinions and so instead of doing what I think most other companies will studios would would want to do and just keep things all positive and roses so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna just give you my honest opinion and my opinion or all of this is I don't really have much of an opinion like this doesn't matter so much for me I am a little bit skeptical or cautious I guess because I have no idea what's gonna happen like people can say everything's gonna be fine and then it's not fine I have no idea but I was that I was cautious and a little skeptical of coffee-stained publishing as well when they came to be but I was super wrong or they're super amazing basically they're they're great and so maybe THQ neurotic is the same thing I don't know inside and outside work what matters to me most is making today as as good as possible and if tomorrow change is always up then I'll just deal with it then so if you like this video well smash that