January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: AWESOME Shop Teaser (no microtransactions)

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: AWESOME Shop Teaser (no microtransactions)


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oh yeah so next is, talking about the shop oh yeah yeah you heard about that you've seen this you heard about this little thing about a shop yeah so no thing here so last week we it was last week right dates like just [ __ ] thursday yeah so last week we showed this video where we showed up a new feature some people didn't actually believe it was an actual feature yeah some people just thought we were trolling which I mean you know I mean we can't complain yeah well you were there we're the you know like boy who cried wolf kind of yeah yeah yeah for sure, but yeah like we teased this shop, and some people got like [ __ ] rock behind, some people were like skeptical like oh is it microtransactions like oh no I don't want that some people like got it like new or not new but like assume that we were just trolling, so it was just like yeah a lot of people like some people got upset maybe, which you know it's understandable I think we we were quite aware of what we were doing I think no- I completely disagree yeah I mean because we're not we were making the shot for any kind of like meme or whatever and it wasn't until the morning that we're going to release it that tim, one of the dudes here I don't know what he does but tim showed up and he and he was like and he was like hey do you think people might misunderstand this there's micro transactions and I was like oh [ __ ] yeah but that's what I mean but it wasn't intentional right you know like we figured that out later but we couldn't really change anything but we were also okay with it I'm not gonna lie yeah we're all like that'll be kind of funny yeah, so I gotta be honest there, but that's what I mean with like we were aware of yeah that's probably we were aware of it but yeah yeah but we did it anyways because do it for the yolo they you go the micro transaction counter three all right let's keep that up for the rest of the stream yeah, so yeah it's an actual feature and the reason why we didn't like immediately announce that like no no no it's not micro transactions is because we kind of just like yeah I mean it was sort of interesting to see what happens because whilst there was that talk of microtransactions and it's quite easy to put like negative feedback at the forefront of your mind the vast majority of people either didn't care or were excited for something or were guessing that it was some kind of in-game coupon or in-game currency thing or whatever right, so so like you know when we just left that discussion going and looking at it from a high level, it was honestly pretty interesting, and also we're like trolls so we kind of liked it when some people got it wrong and not just the micro transactions but other things too so, but honestly like a big part for us at least a big part of like seeing all the discussions that are happening I like it you're keeping it up three, to be honest like- I at least I really love seeing all the discussion around it like what it could be and what it can't be and like why is it feasible like why do people think it's micro transactions like why would that make sense for some people and stuff like that, but and and one thing that I that I remembered, when we put this at is the fact that we've said in the past that we're not gonna have micro transactions if you don't remember what that looked like it looked like this micro transactions will not be in the game nor will loot boxes will not be in the game not be in the game micro transactions transactions will not will not will not be in the game loot boxes loot boxes boot boxes micro transactions so that was a [ __ ] lie


the counter is like flying up here they were 14 now 69 this is the rest of the street but however okay so like you know okay so the first thing that came to my mind is like hey did you know that games can have a shop in it and not have minecraft transactions it's an age-old thing but one we even said that but we also do have a track record of trolling but also things have also changed against what we've said before and the whole steam epic thing is one example of that, so it's it's not unfounded that folks would would could dismiss that we've said not no microtransactions and the other thing is if that's people's first sort of go-to thing I think that's also a bit of like commentary on maybe what people's expectations are when they see a shop and maybe that's something industry-wide as well so I think there are a lot of reasons why people were thinking about microtransactions and like don't get us wrong like we understand that people like could make like come up with that idea it's not that like people are stupid or anything like that some people are but it's got nothing to do with this no it's it's it's it's like reasonable in today's climate I guess yeah yeah I guess so and also no no shade to folks who do use microtransactions, I think microtransactions let's get that number up boys microtransactions, can can be done well implemented well in specific contexts I think that's fine but we've also all seen, microtransactions used in less than ideal ways for sure yeah just