January 30th, 2024 Livestream Q&A: Any new Merch coming?

January 30th, 2024 Livestream

Q&A: Any new Merch coming?


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any new Kickstarter or merch coming how is Dave's heroic replica doing so, oh my God fun fact heroic replicas just made like a bunch of valheim stuff actually so, the the latest Kickstarter from heroic replicas is is valheim themed so check that out if you're into valheim, but, yeah I need to talk to Dave I haven't talked to Dave in a while and see what we have planned if we have anything planned but it would be cool I don't know hopefully, we're getting a lot of sales on the merch stuff because that would be really cool I talked to so- I actually had like, no real idea at all of who Dave even was in the first place nice Legend, yeah so I've learned because there I was just asking questions about our merch for some purposes mer for some purposes and, I explained to to him just out of context no not knowing if he, knew or not I explained to him what gdq was and before he had even like replied to my previous messages and, when he replied I realized wait I'm actually dealing with someone who has infinite more like just is more aware of stuff and has more like control than me, not some random dude in some store so, I had that little like weird interaction with him very very nice yeah he had a he had a huge push for gdq this year with like the he made the morning star from, Castlevania yeah I and there was a huge huge bunch of satisfactory merch as well and like by the way check out the satisfactory speedrun on on gtq this we by the way it's the top notch, Stinger plush oh my God no yes no, M plush when you mean like a plushy out made out of Mel or just oh wait or when do we make you into a plushy just hug me as I am right now fair enough always welcome you need consent first though permanent yes