October 9th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Dylan Talk: Crash reporting

October 9th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Dylan Talk: Crash reporting


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suspicious yeah I know it's planned I'm getting a bunch of arrows over here I'm trying to in case you're wondering I'm just clicking through this thing freaking out at me holy [ __ ] have to fight this guy in a [ __ ] error it's going nuts [ __ ] is going nuts is that the editors no yeah that's the insurer let's see what kind of crash you get here if you get that crash thing oh wait no everybody I was like you can show the crash report thing but I just realized everybody gets that yeah like look at how cool this is but did they get the, do you want to report this to a programmer oh crashed is that something custom we've done it's something you can enable in the engine I think okay I think steak did it yeah- I don't think anyone's ever used it no- I actually it's funny because it usually just annoys me when I'm programming I don't know what the process is to hook up to what we're talking about right now is we have a setting enabled for like if an artist is like working and they get a crash they get like a pop-up that asks like hey do you want a programmer to debug this because one big problem with, bugs is that they're really hard to reproduce, oh yeah sometimes unless you can reproduce a bug while you're debugging it you have no way of knowing what's wrong so one instance of this was for instance when I was working on replication and people would get like a weird thing where the game would crash, out of nowhere when they're playing multiplayer essentially and it has something to do with like when a level was streamed out on clients but the server thought that actor was still alive, that was that was impossible to reproduce, and I essentially needed the like the I needed to to be able to reproduce it so I could debug it to be able to find out what happened and- I managed to do it once ever I had to guess how to fix that issue do you want to know something funny no they fixed that they fixed that yeah I know the one of the things related to that was like yeah we have to wait until the next, replication graph update yeah so I just did a workaround, until that update was in so that was I was I knew about that okay I'm missing something or rather my fix was that we have to update engine but until then let me just add a bit of an extra thing here that make sure it doesn't crash it's all that was a that was, if you look up like, duct tape, fixes that's one of them