October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Info Q&A: Release Date?

October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Info

Q&A: Release Date?


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and that's all the time we have today.
So thank you very... REALEASE DATE!! Oh, yeah, the release date. The Alpha will begin on Wednesday the 17th of October,
so that's in two weeks. However, of course the usual disclaimer: literally anything can happen to push it back We really don't think that's gonna happen.
We're pretty confident and set on that date, but hopefully, nothing unexpected
happens to push it back, but I think we're good. And then because of the release, we're not gonna be releasing any
Wednesday content next week, so that I can just focus on programming
to help the team out and we're not going to release any
Wednesday content the week after because that will be the Alpha,
that's kind of went at Wednesday content. As for the full release date of the game,
we have no idea, it really depends on what kind of feedback we get, and
what we need to make the game better. It's a really big game with many moving parts
and we're pretty small team. So I think it's, to some degree, we must work with the community
to make the game better. So it may be in some kind of like
early accessy kind of state for some time, and yeah, we'll work with you guys
to make it better. And that's all the information
we have about the Alpha, if you have any questions or concerns