October 3rd, 2018

October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Release Date, Selection Process + more

Q&A: How many people will be selected for the Alpha?




How many people will be selected for the Alpha?
So in the very beginning we're only gonna be accepting
200 people.
That's not a lot of people, but we're going to be increasing that very very quickly.
The reason we're taking just
200 people in the very beginning is
we just want to make sure
all of our systems are in place,
dispatching keys are in place, gathering feedback,
all that stuff is working fine
and as soon as it is
we're just gonna bring more people in after that, and hopefully that won't take too long
so we can get more people in as soon as possible,
and you know,
on the flip side of that is
if everything goes to shit
it may even be that we have to stop the Alpha,
put out some fires and then restart it later.
We really just have to react to what's going on,
because we have no idea really
what's gonna happen,
and also as mentioned in a previous,
I think it was a Q&A,
the Alpha will actually be in stages,
and one of the things about the stages is
as those stages progress
we're going to be taking more people in as well.