October 3rd, 2018

October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Release Date, Selection Process + more

Q&A: Will all the tech* be available in the alpha?




Will all the tech be available in the Alpha?
Not all the tech will be available,
it'll be the early and mid-game tech only,
we're hiding away the late game stuff
so that you can see it a little later.
And also we want to see, you know,
how the gameplay works,
from transition from early to mid-game.
The stages of the Alpha will also
focus on starting points,
that doesn't mean the map is not cut off
but we really want to start you in one area,
and see how do they play there,
and how does the game develop
in that starting area,
and then move you to a different one,
and then move you to a different one.
But if you want to go for a walk to
the other side of the map and start there,