October 3rd, 2018

October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Release Date, Selection Process + more

Q&A: Will the Alpha be single-player or multiplayer?




Will the Alpha be single-player or multiplayer?
We did previously say that
there would be multiplayer in the Alpha
and it's still will, but in the beginning we're just
going to be focusing on single-player
and the first hour of gameplay and
making that a solid experience.
I mean, we just specifically want feedback for that.
Of course, you can play the game beyond that,
as long as you like and it's still very fun,
but we're really really off to that feedback of the first hour of gameplay.
Multi-player introduces a lot of bugs
and crashes and whatnot,
and that will probably just
distract us from the feedback
we really really need in the beginning.
So that's you know, so we're cutting it out.
However, we will introduce multiplayer later.
We really do need to test it and make sure it's stable,
make sure the gameplay is fun
when you're playing with friends,
so that will come, just a little later.
And we're not trying to hide the fact that
we don't have multiplayer, we do,