October 3rd, 2018

October 3rd, 2018 Alpha Release Date, Selection Process + more

Q&A: What is the selection process going to be like?




All the people who signed up for the newsletter
at satisfactorygame.com
will receive a survey sent
to the email that signed up with,
we will collect the results from all the surveys
and then we'll pick people
who will get an Alpha key.
We're taking a variety of people. We're gonna be categorizing them into different buckets,
so there's no real way to game the system.
You can say that you have
the best computer in the universe,
and you've played a million hours
of other games like Satisfactory,
that's not gonna give you a
better chance of getting in,
because we want a wide range of people.
So please just be honest, if you lie
it just means we're not going to be getting
the sample of people that we want and
we won't be able to make the game better.
So please be honest.
People who are selected are gonna get an email
sent to them with all the information they need
to join the Alpha.