May 30th, 2023 Video Intro / State of Dev / Announcement

May 30th, 2023 Video

Intro / State of Dev / Announcement

This YouTube video does not include the contents of Jace's announcement as-streamed on Twitch. It is available for viewing over on @CoffeeStainStudios' official YouTube channel at and over on Coffee Stain Studio's official Twitch channel at (for seeing the live twitch chat reactions).

00:00 Intro
02:05 Q&A: Has Twitch always had captions?
02:33 Community FYI: Listened to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory & Meteor yesterday
02:41 Community FYI: That's the Toilet Flush teaser
02:54 Stream agenda
03:34 State of Dev starts
03:48 Playtesting
04:21 Expected release date
06:57 Longer Experimental period
08:43 Coordinating vacation time
09:32 Public holidays in Sweden
09:57 YouTube comment scam spam
11:56 6 Things 1 Million views
13:32 Quality of Life Features
14:26 Parachutes
15:34 Zip Lines
17:00 Conveyor Belt deployments
19:39 Dismantle Filters
20:57 HelloFresh Deliveries
21:48 First-person tracing
25:55 Q&A: Different fuel types in the Jetpack?
30:03 Q&A: Can Fart Rocks be destroyed?
33:07 Q&A: Will destroying Gas Pillars affect performance?
34:09 Known issue with Fart Rocks
34:44 Q&A: Will this make Gas Masks completely redundant though?
36:14 Q&A: Will we be able to clip Catwalks to Power Towers just like other Buildings?
37:12 Announcement (not release date)
34:45 Post-announcement responses (Thanks @jembawls, helps a lot!)
42:49 Q&A: Who's replacing Jace?
43:02 Q&A: What about İlayda?
43:26 Outro

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hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Dev stream my goodness howdy Partners howdy Parton sorry vamanos exactly, yeah how's it going Chad good morning good morning wait it feels like what time is it morning is, it's a mindset actually it's a it's always morning this morning I feel a bit blown out you bloated oh blown out yeah right yeah a little bit Overexposed yeah oh snoot exposed Overexposed on stream live on Twitch okay just confirm that I look fat that's what he said I swear I just ate something weird today is it like stuff does that like make people bloated sometimes all right I don't know I feel like when I feel bloated it's when I've had like, something with lactose and then, because I'm lactose intolerant and then, shortly after I am stuck on the toilet get stuck there you need to call the fire department too yeah get you free huh pretty much it creates like a suction through the toilet yeah I hate it we've all been there right yeah yeah yeah yeah anyway, yes has twitch always had captions so twitch have always had captions we've had captions for the on the on this thing the stream for a long time sometimes it's broken because I'm an ass yeah that's just mess it up, but but it's been there for for a while so, it's been available you just need to know that it's there that's the toilet flash DLC exactly hey oh captions you mean subscribe that they listen to Lincoln Park higher Theory and meteorite yesterday man of culture yes Lincoln Park let's go my favorite band that's a toilet flush DLC teaser yeah I know right when is that DLC coming that's what I need to know right soon and soon brain is here hello hello yes welcome okay shall we, roll the ball as they say let's do it, so so, yeah this week, we're gonna be talking about we're just gonna be a regular little stream but there's going to be a special message at the end so so, do make sure to check out and check that out if you can and if you can't be then check out the Vaude I guess etc etc so we're gonna jump straight into the state of Dad let's do it if I can if I can find the where it is a little thing there it is I can see your little thing on the other monitors no no no well be a weird stream if it did just my desktop and that's it all right anyways, instead of dab what's going on well we're working on the game, game is getting more stable bye Dylan Dylan everyone bye everyone, yeah the game is getting more and more stable we're we've, been play testing it a bit we're gonna be key play testing at every like end of the week from now on, to spot stuff obviously we also have like q a working on it but it's also nice for us to also have have like hands down everyone playing it and testing it out and, I mean we're still finding random stuff and you know as we're fixing one thing we break another and that's sort of how it is, but we are getting closer and closer to to, to something we feel like is acceptable to release at least for experimental, and if you missed last week's stream and I believe you also mentioned it in last week's YouTube video, [ __ ] I forgot to add that to the thing when you saw oh yeah let's talk about the YouTube video so what is the thing that I mentioned in the video, that's, next week sorry not next week jeez almost yeah it's like a weird Freudian slip but it's not actually a Freudian slip, we're aiming to release, the up to date sometime in June is our like internal sort of range goal right now yes, don't know exactly when we don't have like a public date to to like commit entirely possible but it's it's, after June as well so we never know just keep you guys informed as well yeah but that's the goal at least and, I guess it is June next week so I guess technically but it's not going to happen next week I'm pretty sure can't confirm it won't be next week so I guess that's yeah yeah so so so that's pretty much the state of things right now is that we are still working on fixing it up and, you know finding all those pesky bugs that were both introduced when we were changing things for up to date but also there's a lot of bugs that came with the engine upgrade, I think the majority of issues that we've had are because of the engine upgrade, and, yeah just ironing those things out and making sure that the game is gonna be good actually and, yeah one thing to I think maybe is just good to to keep in mind as well as with all the updates whenever we release the experimental they've not been perfect because they're experimental and you know that part of that part of that is that we want you guys to test and then we'll do more bug fixes, beyond that so it'll probably still be the same here even though that we're taking extra time to work on this, but like the extra time that we're taking is to make sure we can get it to that level where it's like it should work decently well for the overwhelming majority of people and then we can start taking bug reports and doing fixes from there so just remember experimental is still going to be experimental but, but yeah yep and I guess also, worth repeating is that, this time around because of timing of things we will we probably will release hopefully if we can do within our time frame, releasing the update on experimental and then we're going to be like spending some time fixing things up as much as we can fixing like the most you know the biggest issues mostly you know crashes and all that stuff and then unfortunately we have our like vacation period I guess I say unfortunately for you guys it's someone unfortunate for us, because it's nice to have summer break which means that this experimental period would be a bit longer than usual, it might be also be it might also need to be longer because there might be a lot of stuff that we didn't catch because of the switches to Unreal Engine 5 and all that stuff and this is a pretty big you know Tech wise this is a huge update for us, so, there might be a lot of bugs that we haven't caught yet so so experimental period for this update might be a bit longer or I mean it will be longer than previous experimental faces but we did have something similar with update six where we launched on experimental before vacation and then we took a vacation and and, then we got back to it and it's probably going to be something similar to this if we managed to release you're always on holidays and Jace exactly right otherwise how else would I be filming from home yeah well right must be on vacation that's true, yeah in my mind when I was on vacation like I'm on a beach right now, but yeah it is a common thing like you know it is it is certainly like you know inefficient and a bummer that this sort of happens right I suppose in terms of production of the game but it's also, like that's just kind of how things are here in Sweden too it's very common that like in Sweden people get like 25 days of vacation five weeks which is more than a lot of places in the world, and I think there's also like a right here in Sweden that like during the summer you're allowed to take up to four weeks guaranteed or something like that if you want from work or something like that so, that's just how things are in Sweden right so, and I think it's a really good thing personally, and, it's just kind of ingrained into the into the culture here so it's just how we how we do things it also makes sense for, like coffee stain to try and have everyone take vacation at the same time because otherwise if people take vacation here and there you know the progress of development wise might be a bit slow because people might be expecting other people to like you know if they need someone then we have like a skeleton crew for a long time which is kind of a bummer a lot of people saying, 30 days in Germany and and same in Finland and Norway too yeah a lot of countries have it but a lot of countries don't have it so yeah but it's just how it is here yeah that's all I'm saying so just so you guys are aware there's always a bit of like when this when this period happens there's always like a bunch of people being confused like why are you seeing anything happen you know what's going on I haven't seen anything it's because we're on vacation and that's how it is sometimes, cool one thing we also mentioned, we're gonna mention this at the end of the stream too is that next week is actually a public holiday in Sweden so it's our national holiday or the Swedish national day whatever, which means that it's a off day so we won't be streaming next week potentially there might be something but if there's nothing they might not know why there's nothing it's because there's the the vacation the holidays yeah yeah exactly all right, one last thing I want to talk about before we jump into talking about the YouTube video that we dropped last week is that specifically on the YouTube channel, there's been a little bit of like, it's it's like a little bit approved yeah I know we did we do, there's there's a Spam account that's like saying you know like oh you won something contact us and it says like coffee stand or whatever it's not us it's it's a scam, some people have reached out to us pointing at pointing this out and, you know we keep Banning spam accounts but they keep coming back but we have like stuff in the back end running to keep Banning them, so we can detect it so hopefully no one's been scammed but just want to be just want people to be aware this is happening so you don't fall for it because it's not us we don't if we do the any the only time we do prizes we would announce it on our own channel we wouldn't make a separate one and it would be like you know here on stream or on Twitter that's the only times we've done anything like that exactly so, and we're hunting them down if you ever do it do see any more of these comments feel free to DM us on satisfactory on the satisfactory account on Twitter or DM Steven on on Discord, it's, it's really important that we try and take care of these things because I've had some DMS from some people who, like they were they were excited you know and then kind of bums when they found out that it wasn't real but also that like they were kind of close to like maybe giving up their information so like, even if it's not a reply to one of your comments if you just see it anywhere, it'd be good if you could just link us the, the comment or at least the video and let us know immediately so we can address it as soon as possible because we don't want anyone getting screwed over yep and it's probably better you reach out to us rather than like try and react to them because when you react to them they also realize that like it's working so like you don't want to give just report the account or whatever and then then that's it, speaking of like almost made it by the way- I just something else that that has popped up recently the video, this video here guys six things we've never we're never adding to satisfactory got another little bump recently now we're at 994 000 views on that video I've never made a video that had a million views before anywhere 6K away so speaking of we've almost made it we've almost made it, if anyone wants to go there watch it like it leave a comment or something that'll, help a lot but, I whenever I bring this up it's it's a little bit of a meme but like one thing I also want to just make sure is that like it it doesn't obviously matter that much, the fact of the matter is like we have this community and the numbers really don't matter, too much, but it's just a fun little thing yeah yeah just put it on what happens if people fall asleep to me telling them that they're not gonna get what they want that might that might do bad things they're going to be indoctrinated yeah


it's gonna wake up and be like I have to implement bass defense as I'm odd you know yeah no golf this is an outrage I don't know why people become robots when they when they do sleep, there's a word for this right when you do, sleep, therapy thingy, I think so oh yeah what's that called yeah yeah anyways maybe someone will say it yeah anyways there's something for that anyways so let's talk about the YouTube video we launched last week a pretty Banger yeah thanks for the support everyone that one actually, has popped up yeah popped off in the algorithm as well actually got again more views which is nice not not necessary but very nice, but it's also like showing how sometimes we take these things for granted like oh I call it live stuff but sometimes people are really into that kind of stuff and, you know- I also feel like there's a lot of stuff in the game where making small changes will have big impacts like oh adding like a new machine or whatever is cool and all and like a new whole recipe Shane and all that stuff like oh cool but like changing and improving how the build system works affects everyone and like bigger like you know small rivers lead to the ocean sort of thing, so super stoked, about that so let's let's quickly just go through the the things that you mentioned in the video, so the first thing is parachutes are getting reworked so parachutes would no longer be like, consumable right yeah it'll be like, exactly you could just use it the same parachute over and over now which I think is very good, and then also it's, it's it's got a little bit of a buff in terms of its like flight speed and things like that as well and how far you can you can glide so, yeah hopefully we see more people using the parachute yeah does it still deploy in the same way I didn't use the parachute before so, but because the pressure before was a little bit confusing sometimes we had it available and it wasn't sure like when it would like that's how I was doing it all is there another way to do it okay so no I was just I wasn't sure if we changed like how deployment would work if it's still the same way or not because I feel like which makes it even better now that it's an equipment piece instead because I feel like before I would like remove it yeah yeah so you'd consume one and then you'd need it again and then you missed your opportunity so you if you only had like one left you'd be like screwed okay yeah so that's very nice, another thing is continuous zipline, you know ziplining was the thing before but now it's like wasted yeah so when you when you're, you know zip lining on like ceiling, Power mounts or even the power, Tower lines, previously you could you know you could you'd fall off and you could regrap, grab on if you look up but now you just go straight through things and and you can also like look in what direction you want to go if there's like a like a junction of your power lens so, yeah it just basically makes, zip lining even easier and again where where like these are the the addition of power towers and the addition of this feature is buffing like heavily the zipline Sprint mode which we added in update seven which I thought at that time was a little bit underwhelming because the use cases were small but now that we have these use cases, they're they're much better so yeah also having tried it out but it looks super sweet and yeah you're really quick with this Sprint as well yeah also makes it easier to hit like the the terminal velocity with like the sprinting down absolutely, yeah and there's also the, the right click, toggle to zipline now so previously you would have to click the left Mouse button and hold that down but now you can just let, right click and then let go of the mouse and you'll just like automatically, zipline until you right click again or jump off which, yeah a nice little touch some people might, might like that yeah well I know I do, and then we have conveyor belts like the way you you like deploy them sort of, both in terms of, you no longer need to like build a poll first if you select the conveyor belt it will like automatically build up the first Poll for you and the same with pipes same with pipes it was pretty nice yeah yeah something that we've talked about doing for a long time but, never go around to it makes sense dude do I remember correctly that because like previously right before, on Dragon Ball Z no, previously on, up to update seven right if you pull out a power line there's a poll were there always polls or do I remember that you had to put the the polls down there's always a there's always a poll on the second like yeah when you start is that the case from the very beginning or oh it was okay yeah yeah yeah yeah, but, it's always the case where like but you also need to start somewhere and then you can start with just to convey a belt being placed so now it's it now you can start with the conveyor which saves like you know hello like some time with the clicking and stuff like that like these small things that kind of add up I feel like and the other pretty big thing is is you can now also like when you're placing the poles one really annoying thing is if you have like stacked conveyor belts and you know that you want to like not stack your mailbox but if you know like you have something that you want to pull your cable over, it used to be like when you place the conveyor belt and drag it you wouldn't be able to like stop it and erase the pole you would need to place the pole and like soft clearance and then drag it up to the size whereas now you can it will clear at the correct like when you it's making any sense I feel like I'm just rambling yeah I'm sorry I zoned out a little bit you're talking about the two-step verification thing the the two-factor workouts actually it's like that yeah yeah the it used to be that like when you were starting the placement of the conveyor belt it would be checking like are you allowed to place it and then if you weren't they would be even if the final result was going to be valid you couldn't start it because the first phase was yeah exactly that change now means yeah the validation check is done on the second click on the final build of the thing so yeah you can start builds with conveyor belts now that are invalid and then move them into a position that is valid, I think that's a really good, tweak as well yeah it's something that- I've always- I don't know why I haven't thought about it that way because like it's it's annoying that I have to place the poll sometimes when I want to do special things because but I know the belt will work here I don't know why I didn't think about that like oh what if we just do it so that the second placement is the actual tests of like whether you can place it or not make sense makes sense, another thing is the dismantle filter, which is pretty cool something we've had before is we've had the dismantle filter somewhat before but it wasn't really clear and I don't know how many people actually knew about it because it's not we don't have like a indicator anywhere in the game in the HUD for it you just have to know that it's there kind of, but now it's like an actual like it shows up you press G and when you do that you select the filter for whatever you're dismantling another really cool thing with the addition to this is also that we have like you can stack filters sort of when you're Mass dismantling, so you could set it to be like filter first all the the belts and then filter all the the splitters and then you would just dismantle those things as you're selecting them and it's it's like in if you didn't know about the filter it's a way faster way to like dismantle like stuff you have put on foundations because I always found that it was annoying when Golic and click in specific pinpoint certain things makes a lot easier just wipe and just get rid of [ __ ], and it just I never I never used it before but when- I tried it out and, it was a little confusing but I think now it's a little better but I did see that a lot of people were yeah were commenting and interesting, oh one moment hello fresh oh is that hella fresh yo we haven't had hellofresh on stream yeah like actually for a long time, but yeah well here we are, anyway what was I saying, but yeah a lot of people were giving, some feedback about like a like a like the opposite of this filter so that like what you could do is you could select what you don't want to select and then select everything else, so it's like the reverse functionality which I think, could be pretty useful but yeah I don't know I think that's a great suggestion and we'll just get that to the team and then, I don't know I don't know what will happen with it but yeah we're just in the garden, yeah Blacklist whitelist it would be nice to be able to like toggle or something like that yeah put on the QA site, this is where we are right now, okay one thing I'm really excited to talk about actually is the first person Trace adjustment thing here that we did, we since launch of the game because I actually have a couple of stories about this so since the launch of the game that like the player like we use, a line Trace essentially from the camera to like pinpoint like where you're aiming right and it's always been a little off, and it's based on the character model not the camera actually for some reason, and we've had so many meetings where we look at him we're like the camera Trace is off because when sometimes when we add a new feature we realize again like wait the camera the camera Trace is off it's not like exactly in the middle and we always have a meeting where like why is it off and then we're like I don't know but maybe there's a reason why it's off like Rob is like and then it becomes like a whole thing where like maybe we shouldn't touch it because maybe there's a reason why it it's off like maybe there's a reason why we put it on the character yeah yeah yeah I'll go get it get it yeah okay, and we're always like, maybe we shouldn't touch it because maybe it'll break something and we've done that we've had that meeting like maybe three times while I was a program wow like the dawn of time so now we're just like now we're just going for it but, yeah you guys because because like I because I think I think the P the person who who like originally set it up they've left since a long time ago so it's it's always this time thing where sometimes when you look in the code base and you see something that looks really really dumb oftentimes it's like there's probably a reason why it looks that way because like you know all the programmers are intelligent people and and nobody wants to write bad code so like when you actually run into the cases where like this is really strange you often like don't go oh this is a bad code I'm just gonna override it you often go like there's there's probably a reason why it's this way and I don't know why and and some oftentimes all the programs are intelligent people now now that we're Community managers stud yeah oh yeah yeah of course, but someone actually did give me an interesting, bit of, just just a thing to think about here was like well one thing about it is the the Reddit the reticle for a lot of things is kind of solid and kind of big and if you're trying to aim at something small you might not be able to see it anymore because it will now disappear behind the reticle completely, and so I think that's an interesting thing to point out, we'll have to see if that actually becomes a problem or not maybe we need to like make changes to the record who knows who knows but yeah just just an interesting, thing to think about I think I'm gonna grab my my food right because there is and go for it, because there is going to be a little bit of like getting adjusted to this because it will feel different, it's like especially if you play the game for many many hours you will notice this, I don't necessarily think it's a batter it's it's like worse or better in any way it's just like it's it's different and I think like on paper I feel I think it feels nicer for us to know that like actually where you're aiming is where you're going there's a couple of cases like when you're aiming at like you know when you're dismantling, conveyor belts and you're on like a lower level than them, sometimes this feel weird that you're not hitting it and you're aiming to get like small things you're not exactly hitting them, and in those cases it feels a lot better but in most other cases it just feels like what's going on so, we're gonna see what happens but, hopefully this won't break anything that's the one thing that we're kind of like hopefully it won't break anything because that's the that's the scary thing with with doing these changes where for a long time we didn't do it because we were scared that it would change something and maybe not even everyone will notice it, but I think you will definitely notice this so, we'll just have to see so let us know in the keyway site when the update is out whether or not you, think it's worse or better essentially, and I think a lot of people actually one thing that was also thought it was interesting when I was watching the video was a lot of people commented that like oh I didn't realize but now when you pointed out now I know it is it, so, I think it's going to be pretty pretty interesting change to see, people play around with, right so we're gonna we have two more bangers here that we haven't talked about yet in the video one of which was a very highly requested thing which is being able to set, different fuel types in the jet pack, something we've confirmed for a long time that you would be able to do we just haven't hadn't figured out a good like we always knew that we wanted to do this but we didn't know a good way of doing it and it's interesting too because like- I haven't been a part of the discussion as to like what we were going to do until I saw like the video and then like whoa that was definitely not how Mark told me we were gonna do it originally but I kind of like the way that it kind of shaved up and I guess that's part of like the iterative process of like changing it and then working on things and thinking more about the problem so to speak because originally we thought we were just going to do like a wheel and just pick the fuel type but then if you run out of that fuel tub I guess like what what happens then so it makes sense to have like that list of like prioritized and I like that it defaults the fuel and it's not like a power order necessarily because you would think that maybe the solid biofilm would be the lowest priority so it should just use that first but if you're in a specific situation where you really need to fly actually fuel is probably the easiest fuel to to have, and maybe the most reliable as well so if you're gonna have a fallback it's better to be fueled than solid biofuel so I think the the decision making with the, the priority, was there was could do yeah it definitely, so if you don't know what we're talking about there's there's now an option there's going to be an option in the game where for the jetpack you can like prioritize fuel types, so you can have like turbo fuel in your jetpack and, if you run out of that fuel it will switch to the next one in the list and so on and so forth, also one of the nice thing is that all the fuel types this is something that we talked about before as well where the fuel types also have different effects on the jetpack So like, you're gonna remind me again what there were, so it's like regular fuel is the way that buffed a little bit it has a bit more upwards acceleration so it should feel a little bit more Snappy less sluggish, solid biofuel Burns super super quickly and it's not you know super good but you know you can use it in the early game if you happen to get a jetpack from Johnny or something, liquid yeah liquid by film burner super slowly and is about as good as the regular fuel but like Burns really slowly so you can burn for a really long time and you can just Glide forever and go really high it's actually crazy turbo fuel is super fun to play with it burns really quick but it has a lot of power, yeah I really enjoyed I enjoy flying around with the turbo fuel not to mention they're finally used for liquid biofuel one of the most useful fuel types in the game definitely I'm curious if like because you did mention that I know Mark pointed this out to us as well I was like I don't I don't necessarily see too many people using this because you can't really fully automate it but I am curious to see like how many actually will use it, it works I think I think it's so good that it might it might just be worth it to like manually get that stuff going like just go and spend some time getting like whatever biofu you need and then just producing it so that you could use and then you'll be able to use it for quite a while right, so like I could see that it's it's that good that it might pay off for people to just like dedicate some time to manually get it going, yeah it feels really useful when you're like falling from a great height and you have like more sort of time to to adjust you know to like where you want to go because I feel like sometimes when you use the regular jet pack and you're like falling you need to save that little last like you know the last inch for like when you're about to hit the grind to ground so you can save yourself like now you're that like window is way bigger yeah and and yet of course of course guys you can you can stick it into containers, and then feed that into a system of course but you still need to manually go and get the bar for yourself, it's the same thing that most people do with their, solid biofuel was solid bifold yeah in the early game yeah the people use for power yeah yeah you can you can like sort of automate it you still need to do the Gathering that's exactly that can't be automated yeah, all right last thing to talk about is the gas pillars that can now be destroyed we did tease this a little bit very sneaky teaser video we paid for the for the power yeah I was pretty pleased with that one, this was actually this was gonna be like one of the first things we were gonna reveal actually but, development happened and, kept going back and forth whether we were going to be able to add this to updated or not but it's it's actually was supposed to be in update seven, but development happened like I said so it's coming now instead and the reason why we weren't able to blow up gas pills before was actually a technical reason because the way the the map is set up is like, all the all the gas pillars were like baked into the level so like you couldn't remove them from the level for a long time and then we set it up so that okay the gas pillars are the only part like out of that is not no longer part of like the the static levels it's not backed in but there's like a there's an effect that plays when you're in the gas which is like you get this like gas effect thingy on filter that's that was baked in for the level as well those were like gas volumes and we didn't have a good solution to like get rid of those essentially so like for a long time we were thinking of having it so like okay when you blow up gas pillars that effect would still be there but you wouldn't actually take damage and it was like kind of a half implementation I guess, and then we just opted to be like nah we'll wait and fully implement it and, it's pretty dope right now where you can blow it up and you get like this cool like debris falling off with using the ks engine an Unreal Engine 5., and, now we've also added since Jason's video actually there's also a development on like the VF export as well so now there's a cool debris when when Brock's hit the ground and stuff like that it was pretty cool so, now the gas pillars are like completely detached from the level so we can finally finally destroy the gas Builders feels good man, and I know that I know that we teased that like or maybe maybe we'll be able to like capture the gas and stuff like that but I'm pretty sure we always Our intention was always to like just blow it up ish which has been kind of like red herring you guys a bit, with that so pretty stoked about that yep that was, that was a fun video I wanted sorry if you don't want to talk to each other yeah it's hard because we're over the internet but yeah it's a fun video and, a lot of Juicy stuff so if you don't know if you haven't seen the video, I will draw it in chat and, check it out if you want more news also if you want to see these things in action because there's a lot of b-roll that I didn't show here on stream, give that a look if you're curious look-see I think it'd make more sense we actually see it in action too well destroying the pillars affect performance I shouldn't affect it too much, honestly shouldn't have any effect really if if I'm not mistaken so yeah that was that was the video and that's that was that's state of Dev y'all that was a yeah you really spend 40 minutes that was a girthy one yeah usually we were able to like bang this out in like 20 minutes but, here we are longer Save times I don't know how much it will affect it actually, not more than like any other thing so like the thing is the the number of gas pillars on the even if I don't know what the safe system is like but even if we were like manually saving each individual one like that's we're probably talking like I don't know what 50 to 100 or something like that I mean it's that's not gonna make or break your save time if there's going to be, delays in your save time the bottleneck will be elsewhere- I guess I can also mention real quick too something we already know about this point known issue is that like, some of the gas pillows aren't set up in the same manner and there's so many gas pillars on the map, so we've probably missed so you might run into issues when you're playing and you're blowing up gas Builders where like the smoke doesn't clear or like something may look weird or something like that so when you're reporting this on the QA site please make sure to also report where this happens because it's probably unique to like specific gas pillars when it happens but you'll forget that I said that at the point when update it comes out but now it's out there at least- I cleared my conscience, some questions that people have asked before as well is will this make gas masks completely redundant though, I think that's a good I think that's a concern that you guys can bring up with the, with the team, but I guess it's there's two ways you can sort of deal with things there is the permanent way with novelists, but yeah there's also gas masks, but yeah I don't know I mean QA but I mean there's also there's also other like creatures that inflict gas upon you, you know the there's the like gas plants you'll still run into and I guess you can blow those out too, and then there's the spiders that also fart on you and you can blow those up too but they're a bit harder to blow up, but I don't I don't know there might be some like progression thing here where like you know you don't get the no Bliss stuff until later in the game but you do get the gas Master yeah maybe there might need to be reworks who knows but that's why you should definitely go to the QA site let him know but- I strongly recognize recommend you wait till you get the update before you give this feedback like it's I think it's a fair concern to have now before having the the update that's like Fair, but I think it's far far far more important to actually get your hands on things first experience it and then be like yeah this is wrong and then like and then post it right that's that's way way way more, useful for us I think, oh oh and another question actually, from Hoogie, will we be able to clip catwalks to the power Towers just like with some machines, yes I think so because- I have I in one of my play, while I was messing around play testing I was attaching walkways and stuff like that I can't remember if it was catwalk specifically or whatever but I did build upon the, the the Power Tower platform that is already there so if that's what you're talking about you can't do that should be the same because like the power towers as far as like they have the same, soft clipping ass hole all I know is that the the Power Tower that has the platform it's the same kind of stuff when you're building platforms that are snapping to buildings it's the same thing you can snap to it so I mean catwalks will still soft clip into like, non-soft clipping, buildings so it should work trademark shall we at least it is yes it is that time now announcements right yes we're gonna postal announcements I guess do you do is there anything you want to say before, I think we just roll it right vamanos all right so, yeah vamanos so we've got a little bit of announcements to make and we're just gonna roll a little video all right so, that was an announcement and a half probably probably guys probably whatever we're expecting maybe you prefer the release date yeah but yeah here we are, geez I feel so [ __ ] like that so when I read the script for this video first time I was like all right we I've known this for a while and like you know I'm I'm really happy that you're doing what you want to do because I don't think people should feel like they have like an obligation to you know stick around to companies and and you know feel you know that that obligation has to overcome you know they have to do it, so I've known this for a while but it was something when I saw the video first time I was like oh man that's what it's sinking in, I feel like I've never cry edited a video before but yeah, but yeah as I said in the video, like I've my my thing is jumbles it's just look for that anywhere, and, it's no secret secret that's not and I also have our own channels that we stream on and things like that, yeah so yeah you guys can still hang out, whatever but yeah like, we still got streams before I leave so my last days will be at, twitchcon in July that'll literally be my last day will be the day I come back from that, and, so we'll still have some streams between now and then but next week like we said, is a is a national holiday so I'm not sure if I'm gonna have a stream or not but we'll see how we go because it would be good to get in I'd like to get another one in if I can so, we'll see, yeah but yeah obviously that's sort of how yeah obviously thank you so much for the support everyone at East State of things I don't really know what else to say I put a lot of work into that script and I think I said everything that I wanted to say there, hopefully it was very clear that I appreciate you all and, really do yeah it's yeah and I and I think as speak for the entire Community when I say that you are sorely going to be missed, that's, you're gonna leave a big hole after after yourself, not only because you sort of you this is you've helped build so much of this and you sort of established the the sort of what's the word like the the concrete foundation of how we do Community Management and coffee stain, but also helped like you know like we've I've had a lot of fun doing this with you and it's gonna be it has been, it has been a lot of fun and I am- I do, I feel I feel bad for I guess the pressure it puts on on you, but, yeah I know I know you're, you're a very capable person and I think you're gonna be okay and obviously yeah, you all will figure it out I think so yeah but, yeah we're definitely gonna miss you for sure I have not been able to sleep properly for the past four days freaking out about this, yeah it's, I knew it was gonna be hard to communicate and it's really hard to talk about now but, yeah but the news is out there now so it it's gonna feel pretty, out of Thunder from from a bright sky or whatever for you guys that's the fun Swedish expression I guess that makes sense but, yeah but, just to clarify we're like from our side of you like we're still gonna keep you guys as informed as usual we're still gonna keep YouTube channel rolling as much as we can, streams May shift a little bit depending on on you know I haven't the thing for me with this too is like I've known this for a long time right and I've been like yeah I can plan it we'll sort this out it hasn't really dawned on me like what actually impact they will be for me, so we'll sort of take it as it goes, I think but, the goal is like keep going as usual so like no real change for you guys the only real change for you guys is that Jace won't be around anymore, oh and I think I saw one comment of someone saying like, you're happy for you as you know assuming that this was your choice just to make just put it out there it absolutely was my choice, I think if coffee's thing would have their way of course they would want me to stay, but yeah this is this is this is my choice for something that you know I want to do for myself kind of thing this part of it absolutely [ __ ] sucks it's like ripping off the worst Band-Aid you could imagine, it hurts a lot right now and it will for a bit but you know we'll we'll all we'll all move on it's gonna be okay yep we'll we'll manage so yeah that's sort of that we're that's sort of how we're gonna leave leave off yeah we didn't know if we should have done it earlier or now or whatever but we didn't know like would we want to keep streaming after this and I don't know I'm kind of overwhelmed and maybe everyone needs to yeah chill, let it soak in so yeah will be joining he's gonna be taking over from this point on yep just ship them over yeah yeah it's it's, and and I saw some people mention this too like if you didn't hear the news, was it two weeks ago, Elida is also leaving coffee stain as well, so so it's just me now you're alone with I'm not alone with the room with you you're alone with the room with me, yeah I went from CS to one in three weeks so that's just how it is, so I think we're, yeah that's just where we're gonna leave off there's still you're still gonna see Jace a little bit for in videos and in streams from the next couple of weeks, so he's not like gone gone, so this is still some time and then you know let the snow sit in a bit and then we can sort of celebrate more so than you know be sad I think is important, so yeah sorry for the bad news folks but, I'm glad to have been able to actually do it live as well and actually be able to talk to you directly as well at the same time so that's I think that's nice yeah, yeah it is what it is shall we wrap up okay yes so we're gonna we're gonna head over to Bill Andrew who's streaming, today it's kind of rare to get to raid him so we gotta take the opportunity a lot of things good and bad to our game so but a great, Creator great streamer so for sure so enjoy the seven FPS you're gonna be experiencing this channel one moment wait okay no no everything's fine everything's fine everything's fine here yeah so yeah enjoy the U7 FPS exactly and, yeah exactly and then, we'll see what happens next week I won't be here next week but maybe Chase will do some kind of thing we'll just have to see how it goes all right daddy we'll put something on Twitter put something on Twitter if you can hang on and if not there will be a stream I think it's okay well it's back again wait hopes it's fine anyway enjoy Andrew's, stream everyone thanks for the support and kind words and love hearts and everyone, really appreciate it, see you guys maybe video on Friday this week we'll see maybe stream next week definitely stream in two weeks okay so bye everyone