January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Merch

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Merch


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let's see any more questions not about servers just so we can get on onto other things mr dougal plushie oh we can talk about, merch merch yeah okay so, one of I think she has whatever I don't know what the job title is position but she's awesome and her name is amelia and she's been working a lot, on merch and I've been working with her on that as well and so we've been you know we could go through like teespring or something and just get like just [ __ ] out some shirts to you guys but we we want it to be like really high quality really good we also want to have a range of products that are sure the standard stuff maybe hoodies maybe shirts maybe like mugs but also like really good quality keychains maybe coins we want lizard dogger plushies maybe other plushies, you know we want all of this stuff in one place and at really high quality so emilia has been looking around and contacting like all the companies in the world trying to find a really good direction and it looks like I think we're about to or have signed with someone so like yeah big progress basically, and so when that happens our designers internally here will start designing stuff it probably won't be until after update three because out everyone is busy here so as soon as that's out they might have some time to start looking at the design for, merch, and also plushies however the way we're probably going to do it is when we launch the first line of merch will be basic stuff like hoodies and shirts and stuff it will not be plushies there may be coins and keychains maybe and that's just basically to get the store up and running and then and then we build upon it plushies takes a long time yeah designing it takes a long time, but we're going to start that as soon as possible and we're going to have plushies man like like we're gonna we're gonna have plushies yeah and I think we're gonna have more than those dogger plushies I want the pioneer plushie like the the character- I want I want you to be like chibi with a big head I want the arms oh yeah the knot yeah or the berry but like the nut I feel like the berry can you imagine the berry like plushie yeah someone's gonna be like what's that alien doing like that's this little creature but yeah the nun the nut the pioneer I think like a chibi by pioneer big head yeah he's super cute like one of those like hogs maybe a hog could be cute yeah so yeah we can see we can see we got a nut stress ball that's [ __ ] genius bobble head oh emily are you watching the stream take [ __ ] notes yeah get a stress ball because she was like give me if you come up with ideas like just [ __ ] yeah stress ball stress ball is really good yeah it's really oh like oh what if it's like what was what was the stress ball it was a was it a nut or not like the berry would be good to cool too because like when you pinch it it will squeeze out and you get those like dimples what about like if you you know the blue part of the nut yeah yeah they squeeze it and comes out of the nut oh yeah I think we I think we're good we all get the idea we're on to something here yeah not pleasures oh no I'm not going to read what you said awesome ruby yeah but I see you nobles plushy that's kind of cool that's actually kind of cool