January 10th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dave / New Year, New Game?

January 10th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dave / New Year, New Game?

00:00 Intro
01:14 Q&A: How was the holidays?
01:38 Q&A: Where is Snutt?
02:05 Q&A: Was it Satisfactory fireworks?
02:26 Q&A: How was *your* holidays?
03:12 State of Dave
04:02 New Year, New Game?


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thank you hello hello everybody Welcome holy it's the future hello Cat Jam cat Jam I'm not muted I'm not stop it God damn it I looked you got me you got me hello everyone hello hello how's everyone doing welcome to the to the Future everybody it's 2023 and, we gaming we gaming I'm playing voice meter yeah exactly exactly hope you're all doing good good to see you again missed you all missed you all hello hello why is the doggo speaking this guy look cuddling up with Marius my little my son here you can see the resemblance Marius and I right they look about the same both look a little like let's be honest, how are we all tell us that you changed yeah yeah I thought I'd change it and you you knew you knew me, how was the holidays the holidays was good I hope this was good yeah so over the holidays I went to Norway I visited some friends in Norway which was really fun, and we cooked a bunch of food it was just super cozy and nice I really enjoyed it and then, for New Year's though I did a I did a stream I think and then like I went out into the Town Square and people were lighting fireworks and stuff it was really fun yeah, obviously snoot is not here, snoot is still on puppy leave taking care of his doggo, and I think he comes back not next week the week after I think is the plan so, you're gonna have me today and then me again next week and then, the both of us the dynamic duo as we are known, amongst the industry and the internets, we'll be back we'll be reunited we'll be at full force yet again what is this was it a satisfactory of fireworks it was pretty good it was kind of scary but pretty good because like there was some of the fireworks where like some people tried to light it into the air but it didn't go in the air it stayed on the ground and then exploded around people but I think no one was hurt I didn't hear that anyone got hurt so whatever, yeah how real yes how was your how was your holidays one one if it was good two if it wasn't hopefully I get a lot of ones and if there's some twos then I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you're here I see one's 1.5 all right not bad not bad got a two a seven Hoagie oh boy well I'm really glad you're you're even here if you're okay if you're putting seven in the chat you get to call a ambulance get off twitch get off twitch you're putting seven in chat my God overall it's nice a lot of one slotted one's a lot of 1.5s some twos as well sorry to hear it for the twos and nine from nominal Joe Jesus oh boy very tiring okay yeah too long too long all right all right you know my holiday was was perfect it was great I am I'm fully refreshed I started yesterday so, well we'll get to the state of Dave in a sec but okay we'll just say to Dave right now state of Dave right so, most people the studio opened up last week but most people were still on vacation last week including me so I started, yesterday, and so there's actually not really a lot of state of Dave to, update you guys on because we're just starting, I know that we've got some like presentations and meetings that are happening, tomorrow the day after stuff to do with like update eight which is going to be the next update, and and so hopefully you know, in the in the coming weeks or months or something like that we can start leaking information about that but that's just where we are I don't really have much much more to say at the moment so that's the end of state of Dave it's a new year Well I up, new year new game new game what do you guys think 2022 was satisfactory we're done we're we're new new year let's just do a new game what do you guys think let's just make a new game I have an idea all right what about if it's a game it's like an adventure game right it's like you walk around the world and stuff like that all right hear me out I have this idea all right so, you're you're like a a soldier person and you're in this big city that looks like a pizza okay it's like a big round City and you walk over you walk around and you fight like there's other soldiers that you have to fight and you're like you know like a resistance group and there's like massive corporations that are sucking the life out of the planet what do you guys think and and you you go head to head with them there's a really evil guy with a really long sword I don't know I think it's better I think I say we just we just ditch satisfactory and we pivot, we've had we've had enough fun with satisfactory I think we can just move on sounds like a great game Vincent would agree yes Pizza Factory Pizza Factory pretty good though Jake stripe real life story yes that's my biopic but a game yeah what do you guys think and then eventually you can get outside of the pizza City, they could be like, we want to say lizard dog goes because we've already done lizards and doggos so maybe like these big birds and you you sit on the birds and they run around they've got long legs what do you guys think I think it would be really fun sounding very close to F F7 I don't know what FS is that a model of a fs7 is that like a printer model I'm not sure what that is but, this game that I just came up with I think is going to be really great, I think I think we should just move on Final Fantasy VII I've never heard of it never heard of it no final Factory Seven now we're talking let's go let's go if that is Factory Seven oh my God yeah what do you guys think I think it's better we've you guys have played enough satisfactory I think it's time for something new, dungeons of dragons is dead you should make dingos and doggos, yes, yes the Aussie version satisfactory MMORPG called final Factory 14. satisfactory seven oh man sounds like a satisfactory mod to be honest yes yes yes, I mean I feel like we already have the pizza City I think Vincent actually created the pizza City already so we got a head start there maybe we can just buy that from him the the asset and, we'll move on Andrew broke the game too the time we bought hey wait we've just been called out caught in 4k that's actually what happened here Andrew with the game so hard that it no longer works in the office anymore so we needed we need to start fresh on something new thanks Andrew helps a lot that's what happened here oh dear oh dear, all right well anyway I guess we'll stop kidding around who am I kidding who am I kidding they're not gonna pick my game idea