October 18th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: What about a game is copyrightable?

October 18th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: What about a game is copyrightable?


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dull question but what about a game is copyrightable like how close can someone copy a game because before it causes issues the way that it works is copyright is all about, proving originality so if you make something like you can't copyright ideas right some anyone can make a game that's like you know a factory building game that's set on an alien planet, where, you build factories you know like ideas can't be copyrighted but there's definitely like a threshold of originality and that's sort of what you when you're doing copyright, when you're doing copyright infringement is when you're infringing on someone's originality so so and that includes like stuff if you take an image that we made for an icon for instance and use it for something else, you know that's obvious copyright theft because you're using the image that we made you're copying it and that's all right how we copy it but then if you take like look at the image and you draw it that's also a copyright theft even though you made it yourself because it's like the it's you can't prove the degree of originality went away from what you already copied, so there are definitely gray areas with this and I'm glad I'm not a copyright lawyer because that is tricky but, yes if you want me to just touch on that because this is like this is a Minefield of a subject, so much goes into this stuff yeah it varies from country to Country although so it varies from country to country but you can still, you can still instill copyright law that is in your country into another country so you can like even though you don't have the exact same copyright laws there is still validity in in whatever loss you have in your country straight again what if my coffee accidentally stains your logo that's the thing like if you have a logo that have a coffee stain in it it has to be a stain that is has its own original form and so it doesn't match the one we have you know it's so stupid but it's also it makes sense this at the same time you know to a certain degree so yeah