June 15th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Update 5

June 15th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Update 5

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so we were talking about stereo dev and uh yeah update 5 is the thing and the only thing we've really confirmed for update 5 is that we are going to revamp a little bit the build system or like the build modes or uh i don't know exactly what it entails but like the the the problem sort of that we faced when we released update four was that we fixed a bug with uh some of the collision with the foundations in the game and uh it was it was a little bit frustrating for people because some not build mechanics i would say because it's not intentional but like some of the emergent ways of of building in the game was sort of like not possible anymore um and for instance the the infamous chi creek which is was the way to like be able to place foundations without any collision um to be able to like not to like get around some stuff and like cheat the game so to speak but like to be able to do certain builds and like be able to like a lot of cases i personally saw was when if you built like factories and you wanted to play splitters in front of them it was kind of tricky because you kind of need to build the splitters before you built the factory because of collision when you try to race them and it's not easy and that's something that we definitely like we want you to be able to build as creatively as possible we don't want that to be a hindrance so they kind of open their eyes a little bit about you know their current build system and maybe it's maybe it's lacking in its current form and we should probably focus i mean we always know that we wanted to revamp the build system at some point but i think this was like the uh the kick in the groin to get us around to it so that's one thing we've been focusing for update five uh a little bit uh but there's obviously also a lot of other cool stuff coming at update file it's not it's not gonna be the main portion of the update five but it's something that we are looking into and uh yeah that's the state of that