March 1st, 2022 Livestream Q&A: How grounded do you want to keep the game?

March 1st, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: How grounded do you want to keep the game?

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the tech limit internal like how granted do you want to keep the game, that's a hard question to answer because we have we have like we have an internal budget so to speak of like how much we can put in the game, and this is something that a lot of open world games have where, you know you have a performance budget that you sort of have to keep track of, with the problem with our game is that since we the rest of the stream is just me going like this, like our game is is tech we technically let people do build infinitely right so we don't stop anyone there's no limits as too much you guys can build there's gonna be a limit as like how much you can actually build because at some point the game will give up, but, as for you know if we have a limited internally I we only have a limit as in terms of like how much how well we want the game to perform with certain setups, so, and that's something that we always try to keep under and that's something that like whenever people add something to the custom map that we have like they have to like sort of keep that in mind so they don't add too much, so that's that's that's kind of you know those are the kind of limits but other than that we don't really like yeah andrew is the benchmark andrew is actually the benchmark right now, we've taken andrew's save file, and, we've we have like automated, build systems for our game and, right now andrew save file is like the one that we just let them run on and see what happens and see if we can make that run more than 10 fps I'm sorry to everyone yeah it's funny because android save all doesn't even open on my computer this doesn't work, if it helps I meant more like how advanced you want the text to be in game oh okay, good question it's more of a lore thing well it's it's like a mix match right we we mix and match between like what makes sense lore wise and and what makes sense in the game because like if you guys have ever heard like the, the, parable of like how do you kill a vampire and everyone's like oh it's a steak or blah blah the answer is like however you want like you can you know we can add whatever we want to the game like we can always like rationalize like why it's there you know why could we add you know buildings that just like come out of nowhere you know like we can always rationalize everything and we do have like an idea of like what we want to maintain in terms of lore, but


when it comes to like gameplay and stuff like that we can we don't have to be held off but we have tried to like keep it somewhat realistic in the terms like every aspect of the game has is based on something in real life right so like nuclear pasta is based on on nuclear pasta like it's based on something real, and that's that goes for everything in the game so if if we were to add like anything new techie wise there has to be some form of, like realistic sort of science behind it or if you will you know, like you can't time travel in our game because that that seems you know not plausible but yeah power shard snails yeah like it's an alien world but I don't tell you but but that just proves my further proves my point right that you know we can always rationalize like whatever makes sense and probably we can add whatever we want but, yeah it's a tricky situation oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] you see that holy [ __ ] that was amazing is are you telling me doctor who is made up is made up I don't know me neither


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