April 6th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Mark Talk: Hover Pack rebalance

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Mark Talk: Hover Pack rebalance


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okay, is there anything else to my knowledge there's nothing else we're gonna change until we only have one week left so I guess it would be stressful regardless but there's nothing else that with the current update that we're gonna change before it hits e8 right, we're still gonna move the hover pack earlier in progression oh oh snap he just dropped the bomb right there yeah yeah and that was kind of clear the moment that people started talking about that and I was yeah yeah I don't know I talked with a bunch of people about it this is one of these issues that we're kind of seeing with the plutonium is on the general balancing issues that we're experiencing is that we have tried to balance things in such a way that we don't have to change them in the future because I am at least pretty confident that we're still going to have more content in the end game that's at least what I want if that's actually going to turn out that way it's hard to say but I've been trying to make it stable enough that we don't have to change stuff later on because that's just super annoying yeah even as if that's a while off but I think that is just causing more issues unlike the hover pack placement is one of those like if there's more content after tier eight it might not be such a big issue that it's available so late although I think a lot of players have made a lot of good arguments for it being unlocked quite early in progression, so yeah I think for now because the game is how it is now and people are gonna have to play with it for a while I don't really see a reason to not move it and then then later we feel it's in the wrong place we can always change that placement again it doesn't really ruin the game I think, when it gets moved like that especially if a major update drops again that requires us to move it yeah I'm just not completely out yet where it should be exactly and what it should cost if it's gonna be in a different place right right so we're still looking into that but it is gonna be moved to earlier, likely end of tier six or start tier seven right and if it's tier seven it will be super early in tier seven well I'm stoked I think, tier six is the way for me personally that's just my opinion man don't let me sway you in any way yeah I mean you're not alone here's a bit of money yeah there were a bunch of people that were suggesting tier five as well but I think that's that's way too early, it is also the issue where I want more traversal options than just the hover pack and the jet pack and stuff I want the more solid progression of options that make it easier for you to get an overview of your factory move around in it but again yeah we don't have that content yet so we kind of have to see as well how we what we can do to make the game as soon as we can for now until we have that actual content