October 18th, 2022 Livestream Snutt Talk: Annoying notifications

October 18th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Annoying notifications


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this thing it's like a new tool here chat highlighted setting what the hell is this all right interesting cool go away I can't I can't deal with, like you know this when software have like notification things were like it's flashing or like ooh check out this new thing it's so distracting to me there's a thing in Unreal Engine where when you start up in real engine there's like a little icon that shows like hey do you want a tutorial and it goes through like stuffing Unreal Engine some people just have that on forever like they never close it and every time I go to someone else's desk or like check out their computer whatever and they have that on it drives me nuts like if I'm supposed to come over and help someone like oh how do you do this thing I'm like well you go over here and you you do this turn it off worse is when you go to like a a talk or something and someone's like showing something from real engine and they have that open in the corner I can't I can't focus on what they're telling me like I the talk is just ruined by that like icon thingy oh super annoying this is the problems that game devs face worse than clippy yes 100 because clippy you can clippy doesn't like cost clip it isn't always there in the corner flashing flashing you clip is very very rude but, clippy just shows up right or used to this is this is literally every frame that you can see the software it's there like pulsating and it's absolutely fear rating floppy wait what is this Cliff is naked