February 15th, 2022 Livestream State of Dave

February 15th, 2022 Livestream

State of Dave

00:00 Intro
00:11 Presentation on Update 6
01:23 Just simmering
02:04 Recapping last week
02:24 Hot Potato Save File
04:53 Outro
05:26 One more thing!


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yes yes but, so so yeah let's let's talk about state of dev, I don't really have anything to share with you guys still not really no we didn't have this like kind of presentation of like how, what we have planned you know or what is in the progress of the planning for the next update or what we know what we're doing next and, it was pretty interesting you know like some things kind of like more or less confirmed that we want to do some things kind of cut some things put sort of on the back burner for as you know if we end up having more time these are good to have but we're not sure if we can get them or not so you know like we're we we're getting a little bit more clarity around that kind of stuff but still a bit more work to do there but in the meantime yeah there's really nothing to to report honestly yeah and it was kind of funny too that we had like that presentation because a big part of a big chunk of that presentation was still like we haven't decided yet what we're gonna do like yeah going forward we just want to like it was more to like bring everyone up to speed like current state affairs with the planning stuff and the planning stuff is still in work and it might be the case that we have to keep doing that for quite some time actually I don't know yeah yeah we we just got some time to kill you guys yes so, we're just gonna have to hang out on the old twitch rooney and the old youtube and, give you updates when we have updates eventually yeah so that's how dave's doing just just just simmering at the moment yeah it's just the rare way he's just coasting by in life you know yeah content trying to find himself he's gone walkabout


it's a big spiritual journey for him it's a big spiritual journey gonna meditate on a mountain for a month yeah wow I've been dave this whole time there we are if you guys want to know how dave's doing you can ask him yourself well nothing in the agenda see you guys next week yeah okay see you dyson see you later dyson catch you later glad to see you stopped by, yeah much appreciated yeah sit under waterfall and meditate yeah, did we see anything last week that was that is worth repeating I don't think there was anything last week either really, we we talked about yeah last week we talked about the video where things were not going to do which again you can check out on a youtube channel oh yeah I guess I'll figure out what to do for another video oh yes working on that but but yeah like so I guess one thing we could talk about a little bit is, we so this the bonus stream we did last week the bot is still up you can check it if you want to, one video that we're sort of looking into making is making a video with like, having people at our studio like work on a safe altogether and then they will work on it piece by piece so we refer to as the hot potato save file so one person will work on it for a couple of hours and then they will pass it on to someone else and then they will work on it for a couple of bit a couple of bit and then they will pass it on to the next one and then we'll sort of like once it's done their own round table we'll open it up and then we'll kind of like go through it and see what people have made, and maybe that will like be a series or maybe that will be one video and just for fancies or we'll see so me and jay spent some time last week just like setting it up I guess yeah I'm just hanging out with folks in the chat but it won't be coming this week because there's like 10 people that want to get in on this at, coffee stain and you know they're not going to be playing like one after another you know so that's like a minimum of 20 hours maximum of 40 hours total you know what I mean and so in in the best case scenario where there's no down time they'll finish playing in a week, but there's obviously going to be down time and there's obviously going to be situations where the next person needs needs to finish off what they're doing first before they can get around to, playing their part so it might not be a thing that comes out for a couple weeks I'm curious it can either crash and burn and not be like anything interesting or it can be super interesting and there's a ton of stuff that we didn't think about, editing takes three weeks yeah pretty much no we no it doesn't take that long does it I don't know I don't think it'll take that long because I mean I don't think the video is gonna because we're not we're not they're not recording themselves or anything we're just going to like take bits from the stream you know record like an intro or something and then like record our reactions as we as we walk around and check it out so yes so we'll see how it goes not not gonna be that much editing no so we'll see how it goes like sometimes you know when we throw out videos ideas we like a lot of stuff when we make videos we kind of try it out sometimes and sometimes some videos just fall through like they don't work out the way we, thought they would, yeah so, yeah every and anything can happen but I'm pretty confident there will be some kind of video at least for this yeah I think it'll be interesting one way or another so we'll see, yes is there anything else we can talk about for 10 minutes that is related to this we can just sit here for 10 minutes and talk about nothing do we have do we have to wait 10 minutes no we don't have to no I just like it when like it we get like that perfect even split on our segments oh okay this is like the ocd kicking in no it's not really it's more, I don't know I mean if we move on now we've got more time to draw things later so that is true that is true so, let's do that let's move on to the community highlights, because I no actually there was a little actually one thing that I just realized because I wanted to stall even more, last week we talked about that there's a patch coming on both ea and experimental, and we were talking about how experimental would like move or flip to ea or whatever and then experiment will get a new patch, and quick little update on that ea has gotten a new update to it, but experimental has not yet gotten the patch that was coming, because of build issues that were happening internally like we are having some we're kind of like since we're in that phase of like working on a bunch of things at the same time and we haven't like really decided like what the next sort of like goal is apart from a couple of things we have a bunch of downtime where we also work on things that have been kind of neglected and one such thing is our build server that we use, that has a lot of like temporary solutions, and so we spent a bunch of time with that and it's been like acting up because we're working on etc etc so the patch didn't like get built or something so the patch to experimental that we talked about last week is hopefully coming this week, hopefully fingers crossed, just so you guys know all right cool got that out of the way