February 11th, 2020 Livestream Snutt, Markus, & G2 Talk: The Modding Community

February 11th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt, Markus, & G2 Talk: The Modding Community


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yeah, we got panna cotta in chat by the way you want to do your shout out yeah shout out to panna cotta all right cool let's, that's all I'm gonna say but let's talk about the modding community because you're helping out like a lot maybe it feels like at least or you're I'm trying to be as much help as I can and just like whenever someone asks me technical questions about engine I just try to like yeah this is how we do it and don't be obtuse about it unless it's like something we don't want to spoil a surprise yeah then we don't talk about it but otherwise I'm just open and say what we do and sending code snippets this is how we do it and then people usually find a workaround because like I'm so so amazed by this model community we have new modding support we have done basically nothing else then send them some more information and that makes amazing we do I noticed that we have like some like small file in the game that like tells the the what's it called not the headers maybe but the, yeah community resources yes yeah and we add that for like because people were yeah exactly because people were asking the wiki people then tended to ask about values of stuff yeah and they instead and they had we decided to do all the packages unencrypted so instead of them just going through and, data mine it I went on a few nights when I had didn't want to do anything else I just sat there and made a json exporter and then exported the data yeah and then we have I made a short little snippet that just copies all our headers in from the game and just puts them in there system and puts them so modders can get them and, do there's plus cost modding support better but how does that help them like does it just give them access to stuff that they can call or don't know exactly what they do I've tried to like understand what they're doing but I think panacatta has a better idea of what they're doing mean I hope we made a model yeah yeah but from what I understand is people used from the beginning we ship the pdbs that is basically the debug symbols from the game so from there you can extract all functions all function names and all variables and then instead of them just reverse engineering those things and recreating because all objects in the game need to have this the mods need to have the same data layout as our game and our headers help them to give us the exact data layout of everything so then they can just take the data that we have in the game and do other stuff with it than we do right so and like figure out oh there's a function that does this and then they change how what it's actually doing pretty good yeah