June 25th, 2024 Livestream Q&A: What position is @bustasnutt?

June 25th, 2024 Livestream

Q&A: What position is @bustasnutt?


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look at position titles m is community manager and snow is bus SN what position is but so M doesn't have Twitter thank God for that by the way I guess yeah I was highly encouraged to make my own account when I started here for obvious reasons but I don't know like, we kind of just agreed on Twitter being your for for a bit and then that never went anywhere like with me making my own Twitter and honestly for reasons I've just never been enthralled by Twitter like at all so well no it's it's been going downhill manh I can imagine, let's see here if there's any final questions we should can add my, twitch handle owner if you want that is true so people because actually I do reply to question but then it's confusing if like my twitch handle is not there well then change it [ __ ] it we need add little icons to see like where people now because I do actually reply to questions in the chat written, and just as tenos TM and like I'm not sure if that confuses anyone because I do yeah I do have the sword this is me that's that's me in case you're seeing this guy randomly reply to questions that are like a bit who how does he know that that's me how does he know you'll never know