November 27th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Upcoming Engine Upgrade // What is it and why?

Q&A: Why do we upgrade the engine?



upgrade the engine well if you look at
these patch notes
that's a lot of patch notes i'd hate to
be the person who writes them i'm sure
they've got some
means of automating it but still there's
proofreading i don't know a nightmare
that's a lot right and this is just one
um and we are updating from 4.22.3
up to 4.25 so we are going up three
versions of the engine
so take what you just saw or multiply
that by three and
that's how many changes have happened in
um within this gap that we're taking
now this is a little scary because uh
things change sometimes you have to go
in and make a lot of changes to the code
to make it compatible with the with how
they want things done in the new version
of the engine we also modify the engine
ourselves to make satisfactory
so we have to see if our modifications
are compatible with their modifications
as well
um so then that takes a lot of testing
and hopefully everything will work
and then when it goes to experimental
you guys will let us know if it doesn't
yeah engine upgrades are a big deal
they're a really big task they're scary
and we've got to do it because uh first
of all
sometimes the engine upgrades give us uh
some new tools that make things easier
for us to work new tools that make
things look or work better so you can
get things that look better or
you know better performance sometimes
the performance is just free the engine
is just better now
and now the game's quicker sometimes
they give us access to certain things or
changed the way that they do things that
if we can take if we are able to take