November 27th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Upcoming Engine Upgrade // What is it and why?

Jace Talk: Sky and Atmosphere System



so one of the things that we want to add
is um there's also another thing that's
been introduced it's this like
weird atmosphere thing it's a new system
that's been introduced by epic
which uh gives a better way to render
atmosphere so this will affect lighting
so some of you
like to build really high up um this
kind of thing might change the way that
the lighting
reacts as you go further uh further up
uh in the world further up into the
atmosphere so yeah it'll sort of just
an atmosphere a little bit better uh
this might also uh
alleviate some of the issues with fog
that people are having as well
if we were able to do that so this is
something that i think we're
we're gonna get it in to some degree but
we'll have to see um
yeah we'll see what it does and if it's