November 27th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Upcoming Engine Upgrade // What is it and why?

Jace Talk: UProperty refactored to be FProperty



technical one it's um for those of you
who know unreal engine 4 will this will
make some sense i guess
but i'll also talk about the
implications of what that means for
and that is you property has been
refactored to f property
what this means is that everything that
was tagged as you properties before
came with the overhead of being an
object when maybe it didn't need to be
so this essentially means that
things that were your properties before
will be smaller because it contains less
they won't necessarily be considered an
object and they won't be counted to
uh the object list meaning
iterating over objects as the game plays
or whatever
and this also means if there's less
objects that means the build limit that
people have
um run into which is the it's not a
build limit but it's a
an object limit the object limit doesn't
change but the number of objects in the
game will reduce
meaning you can build more so
essentially what this means is
we will go through and do the refactor
and that means you can build more