November 27th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Upcoming Engine Upgrade // What is it and why?

Jace Talk: Packet Reordering



thing that i want to talk about is
packet reordering so that's been added
to the engine now and what does it mean
well by packet they're referring to
network packages
um so you guys have probably heard of
thing called packet loss
which is when your little packets of
data gets sent to your friend and they
don't make it
um or they're discarded for one reason
or another
so packet reordering what that helps do
is reduce the amount of packets that are
lost so if um and in this case it's uh
if multiple packets arrive
out of order within the same frame they
can now reorder the packets so that it
makes sense so they don't have to
discard it whereas
typically when when packets arrive out
of order
the engine won't know what to do with
those packets so it discards it and just
like says can you send it again please
yeah so this is going to help a lot with
multiplayer performance essentially