November 27th, 2020

November 27th, 2020 Upcoming Engine Upgrade // What is it and why?

Jace Talk: When there's a new feature in an engine doesn't mean you can use it



this is a misconception
with engines and a good example on
london 5
is that when when there's a new feature
in an engine that doesn't mean you can
use it
uh automatically especially if you've
got an existing game
that's been running on things before it
doesn't necessarily mean you can utilize
it and even if they say
it just works it doesn't just work so
like the there's
big new things like in an engine 5 was
it like lumen or something like that or
lumen not only reacts to moving light
sources but also changes in geometry
if we upgrade to under engine 5 we don't
just get that you know like
you have to make you have to support it
and that takes a lot of work especially
when you've been working on a game
that works a specific way for so long so
we still have to go through those patch
notes and see what can we
take advantage of and we were able to
take advantage of a lot of things and
gain some performance upgrades
uh from that so today i'm going to talk
to you about a few of those things just
a couple things not everything that we
get from this upgrade but just some of