June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Will the belts from the Drone hub change so they're aligned to the rest?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Will the belts from the Drone hub change so they're aligned to the rest?


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will the belts from the drone hub change so they will be aligned to the rest, you mean yeah please please complain about that on the q a side because I that annoys me too, it's it's like something that we probably are gonna fix because because it knows you what was that because it annoys you I mean it annoys everyone doesn't it like it's annoying that like there's one building in the game that doesn't have properly aligned outputs and inputs like if you put it on a foundation and you drag no the the wait did we fix that the, there was another building that also had that there's there's there's also whatever there's probably a couple of them chad's chad's trying to call you out on that yeah I think, you were coming to this their realization as well, it's like one of those things where you know like when we're working on things and we're really like stressed pressure that we're like we gotta finish this thing before update four comes out and then somebody brings up like yo by the way I noticed that the input and output aren't like perfectly aligned they're like almost aligned but not exactly it's it's like really hard to do do they mean if they're like facing the buildings straight up to there no no they're they're correct in that sense but it's it's it's, on the foundation grid, if you place them there and you drag a convey bell out the conveyable won't snap to a straight point because they're like tiny tiny off, so on the snapping grid, it you you only really like see it when you like drag it out because it's like it's really hard to see sometimes in certain angles but if you look like straight down you can definitely see that it's not straight yeah and there's a couple of buildings there's one or two I can't only think of like three buildings to have it, it's the whatever yeah so but but like I said like the when you bring that up during like a part when you were developing and we're like focused on more you know critical issues like that's not it's very hard to like argue it's like yeah but, instead of making dedicated servers could we maybe fix this thing like so sometimes that just gets kind of like pulling the rug but we are going to fix that at some point I'm pretty sure because it's it annoys us as well but but you work at css maybe talk to the guys supposed to fix that kind of thing I have that's the thing like I have legitimately brought that up once and I was like a guy that's supposed there's not one guy that's supposed to fix it right no we're a team of people and we make a lot of decisions as a team all right yeah it's not like there's one guy that we could supposed to just go tell him and then they'd do it all right [ __ ] sake yeah it's like we have a huge backlog of like issues with the game and when you add that ticket it just like falls down just tell the guys good yeah just go tell him all right I'll talk to him who is the guy by the way I don't know it doesn't matter just go to just makes me feel better when I say this just tell the guy now I feel better all right I'll send a message, there was, I have an idea for hypertubes just hypertube splitters press aod and you'll turn on the next junction it sounds like a really, yeah send me a message could you fix the conveyor belt just tell the guys I told the guy what do you mean