February 14th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Are we going to get more Snutt epic/amazing thumbnails?

February 14th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Are we going to get more Snutt epic/amazing thumbnails?


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are we going to get more snoot epic amazing thumbnails look I'm those I mean the last one where I had like an AI is pretty good yeah that one wasn't too bad but, I think so- I'm gonna be, going to, Japan end of next month and so I don't know if if there's going to be update 8 content then if there isn't then like either I'll pre-record it or if there is I'll pre-record it, and if there isn't snow will probably make it but either way whether Snoop makes the videos or I make the videos, if I make them I'll do my best best to match snoot's energy I don't know if you want to do that okay I'll try and make them as ridiculous as I can I'm not gonna lie the update seven like thumbnail period was, what's that that was the time of my life because I was like no shits given on every single thumbnail I made


update seven oh yeah these are good the the one with the weapons that one's my favorite by far really really good yeah I need to start like oh yeah I don't have like cool props I don't know you gotta help me with that I got you family give me your ways but, I was gonna say so so my I think what's gonna happen is like I think half of the videos are gonna be Json half of the video is gonna be me I think the way we've sort of we'll see yeah we'll have to see there's there's a lot of things happening for us in the next couple, and some of it you will see some of it you won't see, so right now my brain can't really see too far ahead the what content we have to make in the future or how that's going to work yeah I'm so focused on what I'm doing right now, yeah so one of those things one thing that y'all won't see, is snow and I have done lectures before in the past for, Community Management at universities, we've done and we have another one this week I don't know if we're really allowed to say who or where but that's another one that we have this week that we have to prepare for that's fun doesn't really do much for you guys but this is just part of something that we do, yeah just trying to spread our word of Community Management the way that we like to think is important, to see if maybe who knows in the future Community Management we'll have like many many other communities, yeah exactly we contained the the role of Community Management yeah so all future you'd be like you know maybe not maybe just because it's going to be, leave the standing thing for all Community Management, just just a good parts just the good parts yeah just want to quickly say thank you for all the kind words a couple of people just mentioned like said nice things and I just want to acknowledge that thank you so much I appreciate it I'm glad you like what we do and if you don't like what we do then- I mean I mean I mean to tell you that's too bad I guess