May 25th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: Dedicated Servers

May 25th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Dedicated Servers

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I guess we can give a little update on dedicated servers over here because people are going to ask about this, during the stream and the update the update on the dedicated server is that we don't have a real update we're still working on dedicated servers and we're, dedicated server isn't like one feature it's many things that trickle down into dedicated servers, jase likes to put it it's a marathon of fixing multiplayer bugs which is totally true there's not like one thing that we can just do to fix everything there is like there is the specific dedicated server at part but it's like that's just one you know if we just did that part it's not like the dedicated service will be done yes we're working yeah so, it's it's a it's a huge task and that's why it's taking us so long just because like the feature of dedicators themselves aren't big but the everything's surrounding getting them to work like properly in the game is a lot of work but that's also something that we've been focusing a little bit more on recently actually, spending a little bit more time we we I always make the joke that like because dedicated, because dedicated servers was sort of being worked on by one person and then they left and then then they were working on by another person they left another being worked on by someone else I kind of I kind of think that like dedicated service is like the, you know like the defense against the dark arts and harry potter it's cursed so, you know I know who's working on dedicated service now and I guess their days are numbered yeah hopefully they don't quit before it's too late but, according to history they will, yeah curse mom's in the chat hey mom yeah hello maybe if jace hadn't gone on vacation for three years dedicated service would be done by now oh you think I have anything to do with dedicated servers no you're a good sport or no you were what's the thing here you were like inspiration for dedicated servers and now you're that now you're the muse for dedicated servers and now that jace is back the the inspiration has just been flowing so yeah it's coming, but yeah dedicate it's funny though because we've announced that it gave us a long time and, it's funny how we thought we were gonna have them done by update three but no no no it's it was more work than we thought, and dedicated servers aren't necessarily tied to like update five or anything like that as soon as we feel like we can release dedicated service we're going to do so, and like we don't have really have like details as to like how that rollout will work either I know a lot of people ask me I get dms about like people asking like oh are we gonna be able to like set up services beforehand or like how is how is it going to work we don't really know honestly at this point because we haven't decided exactly how it works we have like ideas on what we want to do maybe, but I think what we said is that we want to just like roll out of open beta or something of dedicated service as soon as we feel like we can we we're at a good enough state to be able to do so, and, we are hearing the people that are like oh linux support and stuff like that that's something that we're hoping to be able to do but we haven't fully like nailed it down yet because we first need to have it running on windows so after that point maybe we can look into that but that's something that would be cool I think it's there's a lot of, requests for that so we definitely definitely hear that, sure do yeah cool I think I think that's that's a pretty good story well thanks for stopping by everybody bye that was the stream