June 15th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Dedicated Servers?

June 15th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Dedicated Servers?


This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: October 26th, 2021 Update 5 Launch Stream and Patch Notes Video Q&A: Dedicated Servers? https://youtube.com/embed/Rumqu_lyapg?autoplay=1&start=1873&end=2084

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dedicated servers we're still working on that dedicated service is problematic and has been since the start because of the client side issues, there's a lot of bugs on client that we sort of need to get around to and unfortunately a lot of issues on client might seem trivial but, they have entailed that we have to like re rewrite a bunch of systems from multiplayer and do like client-side prediction which is a lot of work something that we we're kind of thinking of saving until later but now we're kind of realizing more and more as we get into it that, we kind of need to do it now, so that's why dedicated service is taking so long but we are working on that still and it's not tied to any update it's just going to be like once the dedicated service is done we're just going to try and release it to everyone so that everyone try it out and and kind of beta test the data servers as well once that we're in a good state for that who all right yeah