May 23rd, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Will we get Steam Deck aka Controller Support?

May 23rd, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Will we get Steam Deck aka Controller Support?

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will we get steam dick AKA controller support so those are actually separate things, believe it or not because, well so to be able to be steam deck certified you need to have to control support right but you also there's also a bunch of other requirements that currently the game does not fulfill one of which is the game needs to be like natively rendered at the same like at the native resolution of the steam deck which at the moment it doesn't for some reason I don't remember it's been a while since I talked about this with, the folks at coffee stain, but there's there's some reason why the game can't do it right now so so we both we need to solve both of those things there's also something else I think that I'm not remembering right now but there's there's a list of things I think it's slated on like the Steam on the store Page like why it's not, certified, but control support is the is the big thing out of those things as to why we don't we're not certified, and control sport is like a twofer it's like both we've been developing this game for PC first so like we don't want to like, we don't want to have to like think too much about like supporting controllers all the time when we're asked we're changing things with the game because like if we figure like a really good feature you know we don't want to like feel tied down to like how the controller works and then not Implement that feature or something like that, and and the second thing then is like well once we reach like 1.0 and we're pretty happy with the game and we're looking at like can we add controller support you know then the question is like okay but Is it feasible to have control of support with what we've done so far so that's kind of like we'll see what happens there once once we get to that point, if we can have controls board or not I know that it's a huge like it's a huge thing for for like accessibility wise to have control support for the game so from that aspect I think we definitely want to definitely want to look into it but can't make any promises at this point unfortunately I'll make a promise okay I have no idea I promise I have no idea yeah honestly