February 24th, 2023 Video Flashback

February 24th, 2023 Video



Suggested Wiki Reference Code <ref name="yt--vVZtoUNed4,35.46876666666667,106.6065">[https://youtube.com/embed/-vVZtoUNed4?autoplay=1&start=35&end=107 YouTube - February 24th, 2023 Video - Flashback]</ref>



Kickstarter campaign okay so which Mystery Box do we open first hmm stroke beard wait wait I'm getting a flashback space giraffe tick penguin whale thing plush when space giraffe tick penguin whale thing plush here now with that's right that's the first thing we've got, this this bad boy right here


this is the confusing creature look at him look his little face look his little face the confusing creature is ready to get in your way in real life too yes by me I need looking for a new home new factories to inspect yes by me right now this big b boy is just just happened to be here if not just like a little unsure I guess if he could stand he would be 25 inches tall he says squishy he's got hooked toes look at these and the box that he comes in will work as a stand that's not his box by the way okay so box still still not not finalized okay that's just another box I mean look at this face look at him he just wants a friend he just wants a friend so adopt a space giraffe tick whale penguin thing today I guess but what if I hear you