February 24th, 2023 Video Existing Merch

February 24th, 2023 Video

Existing Merch


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and as you probably know, you can go to lizardogo.com right now and a lot of our other merch is currently available like, other plushes like the there's a doggo one here, smaller lizard doggos mugs t-shirts and a replica xenobashers The Warehouse stock for the lizardoga Plushies are actually getting kind of low so be sure to go to lizardogo.com to claim yours now if you're interested otherwise if we're out of stock you can always pre-order it as part of the second Kickstarter campaign that, Dave from heroic replicas and and friends are putting together but if we're out of stock you'll be having a pre-order more lizard dogger plushes from the next batch over on the kickstarter campaign and if you get anything else for the kickstarter campaign everything will just ship in one shipment well hold up